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Jenelle Evans’s Mom Breaks Silence On Custody Hearing

Yesterday, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans faced off against her Mom, Barbara, in the hopes of getting custody of her son, Jace. Unfortunately for Jenelle, she did not get complete custody of him as she had hoped.

While we reported earlier on Jenelle’s reaction, her Mom spoke to Radar Online about the decision that was made.

“I believe Jenelle really thought she was going to get custody of Jace,” Barbara shared.

“There are a lot of things that people don’t know about Jenelle,” she added.

As far as avoiding a trial, Barbara noted that, “She didn’t want to go through that. It would have been awful for her.”

As we reported earlier, Jenelle did note she may try to get custody of Jace again once this new custody arrangement has been in place for a bit.

Jenelle Evans Reacts To Custody Decision

As we exclusively reported yesterday, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans felt it was her Mom’s fault she was going through a custody hearing to try to get her first son, Jace, back. While she sadly didn’t end up regaining full custody of her son, Evans spoke out on it last night in an interview with E! News.

Jenelle detailed to E! that her new custody agreement reached yesterday still has her Mom as the primary custodian of Jace, but that she will have Jace “on weekeneds, holidays, and during the summer season.”Continue Reading

EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans- It’s My Mom’s Fault I’m Going Through Custody Hearing Today

UPDATE: According to Radar Online, Evans did not get full custody of her son today; rather, she was granted “more visitation time.”

Today’s the day, as Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is facing off in court against her Mother, Barbara, for custody of her son, Jace.

When we spoke to Jenelle yesterday to give her our well wishes, she told us that, “The Judge is ready to hear our case.” 

“It might take Thursday in court or it could settle (today),” Jenelle also told us.

“It’s my Moms fault I’m going through this and it sucks she won’t give up,” Jenelle wrapped with telling us.

Jenelle has turned her life around from when she was younger, and it’s time the court gave her back her son. She’s been fighting for custody of him for what seems like forever.

Jenelle did promise to update us once a decision is made, and we’ll be sure to update you then.

Until that moment… #PrayForJenelle.

Jenelle Evans Custody Decision To Be Made This Week

For quite some time now, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been wanting custody of her first son, Jace, back. As fans of the show know, Jace has lived with Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, for quite some time now, as Barbara currently is Jace’s legal guardian.

Things may change this week, though, as Jenelle took to Twitter to share that she will be in court this week regarding Jace.

“We have the 24th and 25th to deal with Jace’s case,” Jenelle shared. “A final decision for Jace’s custody will be dealt with on one of those days.”

“Need all the prayers I can get from here until the end of next week,” she added. “Please and thank you!”

Recently, Evans revealed that she was heartbroken regarding not seeing her son on Mother’s Day. He also did not call her, as she revealed.

We wish Jenelle luck this week and will keep you posted regarding what happens in court.

Jenelle Claims David’s Sister Hit A Kids School Bus While On Xanax

While we reported earlier that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her fiance David Eason‘s sister were at war, yesterday their battle continued.

When the two started going at it again yesterday after Eason’s sister said some things on Twitter, Evans posted to her Twitter account that, “Keep it up and we can talk about the time you smashed into a kids school bus on xanax.” 

While the tweet got deleted, a number of tweets were posted to the @JenelleEvansPR Twitter account, including screenshots of texts between Evans and Eason’s sister.

One of the tweets was similar to what Evans had tweeted, as it reads, “Let’s talk about the time you crashed into the school bus f***ed up off xanax. Or how your husband brags how he has the best crack around.’

The text message that was posted shows Eason’s sister texting Evans in the past- all of which seem like friendly messages, even with her thanking Evans for clothes on the 23rd of last month- and then show Evans texting her this month about Eason’s sister seeing his son and not even telling him.

It will be interesting to see what exchange of words- if any- happens between the feuding pair next. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Jenelle Claims Jace Wasn’t Allowed To Call On Mother’s Day After His Phone Was Smashed

As we reported yesterday, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans discussed how she was heartbroken after she didn’t see her first born son, Jace, for Mother’s Day.

Evans took to Twitter to share more regarding Mother’s Day. Specifically, when a fan asked, “did Jace call you for Mother’s day?? At least,” Evans responded that he “Wasn’t allowed.”

Then, someone asked, “Did he at least text you?” To this, Evans responded- in a tweet that’s now deleted- that, “She smashed his cell phone months ago.” 

“I mean not surprising,” Evans added in another (now deleted) tweet. “She did it to our personal things when we were kids too.” 

The custody situation regarding Jace certainly is a sad one. As we mentioned in our report yesterday, Evans is expected to head to court later this month regarding custody of Jace, and we will be sure to keep you posted on what happens.