EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans Caught In Scandal Involving Other CoStar Amidst Leaving Daughter Again

EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans Caught In Scandal Involving Other CoStar Amidst Leaving Daughter Again

While Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been caught in her share of scandals before, her leaving her slightly over a month-old child for the second time has been called into question again, even by one of her co-stars.

According to Evans’s story, she is currently in LA with fiancee David Eason due to her appearing on the Teen Mom 2 After Show tonight.

“I asked her doctor and her doctor said the air pressure was not good for her head,” Evans explained on Twitter as to why she left her daughter. “I tried to tell MTV I couldn’t go but still have to go.”

“She has all her shots up to date because they do that asap out of the hospital but I wasn’t comfortable with her flying,” she added. “Ugh miss her.”

When asked why her co-star Chelsea Houska wasn’t forced to attend recently, Evans responded in a now deleted tweet we have obtained and said, “Have no idea but I have the texts to prove I have put up a fight with them for 2-3 weeks now lol I wanted to stay home.”

Interestingly, Houska, who rarely gets involved in the drama, tweeted out a response to one of Evans’s online haters that MTV was “very understanding of me not leaving Watson or flying before he has shots :).”

Clearly, it sounds like Houska does not buy the story that Evans is selling.

In another exclusive deleted tweet we saw, Evans stated in response to Houska’s claim that, “I really don’t want to hear it. I had all my bosses call me last night/today to make sure I would come.”

Since deleting her tweets, Evans has tweeted two things that clearly seem directed at Houska:

  • “Super hilarious when people think their s**t don’t stink. All s**t stinks. You are no different than the rest of us sweetheart.”
  • “People always trippin.”

We will be sure to keep you posted if any more drama goes down between these two Teen Mom 2 stars, so make sure to stay tuned to The Dirty.


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