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EXCLUSIVE: Kim DePaola Talks Mysterious Letter She Received

If you follow Real Housewives of New Jersey friend and Posche Boutique owner Kim DePaola (AKA Kim D) on Instagram, you likely saw yesterday a very elusive post from her.

Specifically, DePaola posted an envelope (on top of some pictures we couldn’t see) with the inscription “Private for Kim D.”

“Someone brought this envelope to Posche!!” DePaola wrote on the caption. “I need more info !! You know how to reach me!!”

Since she posted, everyone is wondering what exactly the post pertains to, as fans are assuming it has something to do with RHONJ drama… and it seems the fans are righ on the money this time.

“There’s someone on the cast that is not very well liked by many people,” DePaola exclusively shared with us, “and someone has been dropping off information at my store about them.”

“I will definitely be sharing more details once I figure out more regarding this,” she added.

“People come to me because I tell the truth,” DePaola also noted, and rest assured, I will be sharing this information when the time is right.”

DePaola wrapped with saying, “I only hit back! If people have the balls to hit me they better know they will be hit back- and much harder.”

We will certainly keep you posted with more details as we receive them.

EXCLUSIVE: Drama Explodes At Posche Fashion Show, With Screaming And Chair Throwing

Last night, the infamous Posche Fashion Show hosted by Kim DePaola took place and this year’s show was a special one due to the fact that it was benefitting the victims of the awful car fire that took place in Paterson, New Jersey that involved Kim D’s car earlier this year.

Unfortunately, the pre-show was not without it’s drama, though, an employee of Posche- who requested to not be named- exclusively dished to us about some MAJOR drama that went down when Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staub, and Margaret Josephs showed up.

“Kim was with all the models to get them ready and prepped before the show,” our Posche insider began with sharing.

“All four of them came in like a posse of mean girls. They all came in with a big puss on their face where Kim was. They went up to Kim and started talking crap and starting a problem. Basically, this was for a fundraiser. Even the mother of the victims was there and she went up to them and said something to them about how they had acted, because, you know, they were acting like animals in a place that wasn’t the place or the time for it. Even one of the girlfriends who has a baby with one of the guys that had passed started crying. She couldn’t believe it. She was like, ’this is a fundraiser for someone who passed away. This is not where you come to start drama.’ They were just so nasty. Everyone was telling them to stop and that this was a charity event and to stop..”
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EXCLUSIVE: Kim D Too Busy To Give RHONJ Full Attention

One of the fixtures on The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been friend Kim DePaola (AKA Kim D). While we reported on Kim’s season 8 status, an insider close to production recently dished on how Kim is wanted more by producers for this season, but she’s too busy to give the show her full attention.

“Producers want Kim D to film a ton; however, she’s really busy, between her store and other offers she’s been getting to do other shows,” our insider exclusively shared.

“She is definitely filming for RHONJ, but it’s not as much as production would like,” they added.

“They know her value for the drama she brings to the show, but Kim is too busy to give them her full attention,” our source wrapped with telling us.

Clearly, we’ll be seeing DePaola on the next season, but it’s just not as much as production would like.

Car Registered To RHONJ’s Kim D Found With Two Dead Bodies Inside, Kim D Speaks

Very early yesterday morning, reality blog All About The Tea broke the news that a car registered to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kim DePaola had been found with two dead bodes inside.

According to an initial report from NBC News that they cited, two bodies had been found in a car in Paterson, NJ. People who live there report hearing gunshots and then the car suddenly was on fire a few minutes later.

All About The Tea confirmed that the car was registered to DePaola, and an insider told them that, “Kim’s son is in California but for 4 long hours, Kim thought her son was dead. The murdered me inside the car were his friends.” 

TMZ also spoke had claimed that DePaola’s son had his friend take him to the airport in the car last Wednesday, and that her son instructed his friend to take the car home and not use it; however, he clearly did not listen.

We spoke to our own sources who were able to confirm the above information.

All About The Tea later spoke to DePaola yesterday who told them that, “I am in shock an deeply saddened. The murderers are still on the loose and the police are actively investigating the case. I feel horrible for the kids they [the murder victims] leave behind. Because of the active investigation, I can’t say much more at the moment.” 

DePaola also took to her social media yesterday to state that, “I am humbled by the outpour of love and support during this very difficult time. my son and I are both safe. Our deepest condolences go out to the victims’ families of this truly horrific event.” 

This case is pending, so make sure to stay tuned to The Dirty, as we will be sure to keep you posted on more details as they begin to emerge.

EXCLUSIVE: Is Kim DePaola Returning To RHONJ Season 8

While Real Housewives of New Jersey has always had Kim DePaola – better known as “Kim D” – around since the first season, rumors had been swirling she would not be a part of this upcoming eighth season.

However, we have exclusively learned some information that makes it seem like DePaola may be back for this season.

Here is what we heard from multiple insiders:

  • Yesterday, RHONJ star Siggy Flicker was seen at Posche, Kim D’s store.
  • We’re told Kim was definitely present.
  • Also, we have had it confirmed that cameras were definitely present.

Based on all of this, it’s an easy conclusion to make that Kim must have filmed for the new season.

While we did reach out to DePaola- who would not comment- we did peek at her Instagram, where she captioned the above photo, “Love when my girl @siggy.flicker comes to @poschebykimd 🎥 #poschebykimd #friendship #rhonj #shopping #boutique #poschedolls.”

This also seems like a pretty good hint she filmed.

Stay tuned for more RHONJ exclusive information only at The Dirty.

EXCLUSIVE: Kim D – Melissa Gorga Is Obsessed With Me, Copied My Store

Yesterday, The Dirty exclusively spoke to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga, who denied rumors that the Cake Boss Buddy Valastro is a partner in her recently re-opened Envy Boutique. In our conversation, Gorga also claimed she believed Kim DePaola was partially behind this rumor and that DePaola was “obsessed with” Gorga. DePaola reached out to us to respond to Gorga.

“Excuse me,” DePaola began with telling us exclusively, “Who is obsessed? She f**king copied everything I have ever done! The name now has Envy behind desk like Posche! And she has the same colors as me- black and white. Who is she f**king kidding?”

“And don’t worry,” she added, “I don’t think about your business at all! You are a joke and have Grandma taste. Your window looks like Annie Sez.”

“I wouldn’t wear one piece in that store,” DePaola added.

DePaola wrapped with telling us that, “I know for a fact she only did a fashion show last year because she knew they were filming mine! She’s phony!”

Tell us- are you #TeamKimD or #TeamMelissa in this heated fight? Let us know in the comments below.