Lele Pons

Lele Pons and Inanna Sarkis Endearing and Sincere

It’s nice to see people who love their jobs, and it’s clear from a conversation social media/YouTube superstars Lele Pons and Inanna Sarkis had with a member of the paparazzi that they indeed love what they do.

In their two minute conversation, it’s clear the fame hasn’t gotten to their heads, even after Pons recently got 15 million Instagram followers. They seem to be down to earth, endearing, and sincere. They also seem gracious.

These qualities are hard to find in celebrities, and we hope they keep them up.

Bravo, girls.


Lele Pons And Inanna Sarkis Spotted Outside Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood

Lele Pons hit 14 million followers on Instagram.

You can’t tell me the top tier influencers are not real celebrities. Lele is a celebrity. I have to swallow my pride and say congrats Lele Pons. You’re the real deal, but please work on your paparazzi skills.

You’re the most powerful Latina on the internet. May the force be with you and God Bless Instagram.