EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie Standifer- We Did Not Ditch Maci and Taylor On A Date Like Teen Mom Showed

This past week on Teen Mom OG, fans saw Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney go on a date to an escape room. They were supposed to be joined by Bookout’s ex, Ryan Edwards, and his fiancé, Mackenzie Standifer. The show made it look like Edwards and Standifer ditched them for the date. However, The Dirty has exclusively learned this is not what really went down.

We talked with Standifer who told us that, “They said we ditched them on that date thing. I let MTV know days before that we couldn’t be there.”

“We didn’t answer our phones because we were outside camping with our kids,” she added.

Clearly, based on what Standifer is telling us, everyone involved knew that they would not be accompanying Bookout and McKinney on the outing, but that’s not the way that the story was portrayed whatsoever.

In our last conversation with Standifer, she told us that, “People are always going to criticize and that’s fine! Because at the end of the day, they’ve never walked in my shoes, nor Ryans.. so those opinions do not matter whatsoever.”

MTV has been called out by many Teen Mom cast members in the past for not always portraying the correct/complete picture of what happened, and this case is clearly just like the others.