Robyn Dixon

EXCLUSIVE: Robyn Dixon- I Question If Ashley Would Behave This Way If We Weren’t Filming A Show

While The Real Housewives of Potomac skipped a week- and debuts this week at a new time slot on Bravo- viewers were left with seeing Robyn Dixon confronted by Ashley Darby regarding Dixon’s ex-husband, Juan, who still lives with her. Ashley was trying to tell Robyn about how Juan was dating someone, but rather than tell her off-camera, Ashley told Robyn- and the other women- about it on camera.

We talked to Dixon exclusively regarding Darby, and what she thought of her behavior.Continue Reading

EXCLUSIVE: Robyn Dixon- I Live My Life For Myself, Not To Impress A TV Audience

This past Sunday, The Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) began its second season. On the premiere episode, fans saw Robyn Dixon in her new townhouse, that is now outside of Potomac. We caught up with Dixon exclusively to ask what she would say to those criticizing her for being a housewife who lives in a townhouse, as they may feel she doesn’t live up to the “rich housewife” stereotype. Continue Reading