Tyson Beckford

EXCLUSIVE: Tyson Beckford – ‘The Beckford Bar’ Lawsuit Is Frivolous And Based On Jealousy

As reported last week on The Dirty – a lawsuit involving Tyson Beckford and his workout equipment name “The Beckford Bar” has gotten quite nasty.

Beckford was sued by a company named Cisco over the workout equipment and now the model is demanding the suit be tossed … accusing Cisco of fraud!

The Dirty spoke exclusively with Juergen Hess, Beckford’s business partner for The Beckford Bar, to get more clarity on the situation.

Hess stated, “The people [Cisco] suing us are just middle men we used to get product made. They do not own it at all, they are just jealous of how good of a product we have and tried to take it from us.” Hess continued, “Their whole lawsuit is based on false claims that Tyson [Beckford] never promoted the product. Yet you can easily find video clips on YouTube of him on TV shows doing just that.”

The Dirty has confirmed Hess’ statement via YouTube … there are multiple videos of Tyson Beckford demonstrating The Beckford Bar on national television.


EXCLUSIVE: Tyson Beckford – I Didn’t Screw My Ex-Business Partners Out of Money, They Committed Fraud!

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Tyson Beckford is firing back at his former business partners — who worked together to hawk exercise equipment promoted by him – with the male model denying he screwed them over and accusing them of fraud.

Earlier this year, Beckford was sued by a company Cisco over the workout equipment named “The Beckford Bar”.

Cisco explained Tyson signed a deal to hawk the exercise product … with the company using his face and likeness to sell units and the model agreeing to promote the product through social media and personal appearances.

The company said the product sold well but accused Tyson of blowing off his duties per their deal. Cisco said he failed to hold up his end of the contract when it came to selling the units.

Recently, Tyson headed to court blasting his former business partners and demanding the suit be tossed. He denies he breached the deal when it came to selling the product … accusing his partners of being the ones who breached their contract. Beckford says Cisco has no case due to the fraud they committed, without detailing their alleged actions.

Beckford believes he has performed all his obligations per the deal – demanding the suit be tossed and the company be awarded nothing.