YG – To Replace Nick Cannon On America’s Got Talent For A Certain Dollar Amount

YG couldn’t help himself.

Leaving Katsuya in Hollywood is never easy. Especially when Mariah Carey decided to show up on the same night for California Rolls (the artificial kind are my favorite).

YG tried to act hard, but when asked two serious questions … his brain couldn’t deny answering. Now we know YG will replace Nick Cannon on America’s Got Talent for “15 million” and the only artist he wants to collaborate with, “my daughter”.

Sounds like the dude has life figured out … even though the probably of his answers coming to fruition are less than 1%. I decided.


EXCLUSIVE: Rapper YG – Accused of Screwing Over Friend Who Helped Launch His Music Career, Sued For Refusing to Pay Up on Royalties

Rapper YG is accused of screwing over his friend who helped launched his career – by contributing to many of his biggest hits – and now he has slapped the rapper with a lawsuit demanding he pay up on the money he was promised but never saw a dime.

Henry Richard Russell filed a federal lawsuit against YG, DJ Mustard and Universal Music Group.

Russell explains he was introduced to YG back in 2014 … and the two began friends and associated together in the hip hop music circle.

The rapper asked Russell while recording his first album “My Crazy Life” if he would like to collaborate with him on his album and if he could use some of his previously created material to use in his tracks, as well as create new material for the album.

At the time, he says YG was not known and for this reason, did not have the resources to pay Russell. The rapper promised he would be compensated by sharing in the revenues of the songs.

The two agreed on the terms and YG used the man’s poems/words, as well as voice and performance on the album.

In early 2014, Russell performed his poem titled “Bitch! Who Do you Love?” in the song “Who Do you Love”, featuring Drake. He did this in consideration for YG’s promise to him that he would share in the revenues of the song once revenues were obtained.”

However, he says after the release of the album he was never paid a dime for his work.

Further, YG had him pump up the crowd at performances due to his distinct voice and way with words that connected with the audience. He also contributed to numerous other tracks released by the rapper.

Russell explains ‘My Crazy Life” sold over 61,000 copies in the first week alone and believes the success if partly due to his work on the album. He says he has repeatedly demanded his cut of the profits from YG but the rapper has refused to cough up the money.

The suit is seeking unspecified damages for YG illegally profiting off his work and an injunction prohibiting the rapper from continuing to distribute the tracks he worked out.

I’m Team Dj Mustard on this one.- nik