Does The Office Really Think She’s Chanel?

Does The Office Really Think She’s Chanel?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know there’s about a million pics of Abigail Ratchford on here but I could not stop laughing when I saw this one. She photoshopped a Chanel logo onto one of her trashy pictures because she knows not in one million years would Chanel ever hire her, but she’s still so insecure she needs to create the illusion she’s affiliated with Chanel.. LMFAOOO SHE WISHES

I just find it so ironic when these thots try so hard to be classy. Like, yeah your apartment is nice and upscale and very polished and full of books with Audrey Hepburn and Bridgette Bardot, but it’s just so ironic because they never in a million years will know how to act classy, but then she goes and tears down Angelina Jolie one of hollywoods biggest icons (more for the RIGHT reasons).

We all know you sucked old man Greg for your “classy townhouse” and flashed your silicone ass and tits every chance you got.. just look at these thots Instagram profiles- not one photo isn’t a pic of them, a pic of them and their other thot friends, or a pic of them and their material possessions. Instagram used to be an art platform, not a vanity show.

I just find it funny because she’s literally that delusional she thinks she’s Chanel worthy. We all know what she looks like without extensions, 50 pounds of makeup and natural lightening… an insult to real models who look stunning without makeup or enchantments. She looks like a round faced mouse without makeup. She has no definition to her face, she just contours super super hard. Her bio says she’s 5’8 but I’ve seen her in videos and with people who are actually 5’8 and she’s shorter.. I’d say 5″6 at most. She lied about being 5’10 and was busted so I wouldn’t be surprised.

She wants to be a model soooo bad, it’s hard to watch. If you’re reading this Abs, get off your high horse. You aren’t a model.. just think. If you were, why do you need to photoshop Chanel logos onto your spreads? Why not apply to a real agency and become Karl Lagerfeld muse WITHOUT an obviously fabricated social media presence ? Oh wait, that’s because you know real agencies can see past the fake ness. You aren’t fooling anyone.. maybe just those as dumb as you and your mostly bought followers.

The Office- don’t let the truth hurt… if Whale Wars can make it, so can you!- nik

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