Chill? Nah Fam It is Just Getting Started

Chill? Nah Fam It is Just Getting Started

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, gossip on this loser Overdraft is that he thinks he is some kind of hot shot now, but what does not understand is that people are laughing at him behind his back. He still is 30 years old living with his parents. I talked to my boy in Beverly Hills and he told me his family is embarrassed, but he said that he will not stop any of this.

I am probably done on Edwin Kohan as I see others are posting now because they feel the same way. I am still just pissed about how he acted all hard in Miami when I saw him, but I am probably gonna stop because as you can see by the pic he is “laying low.” No. What a joke. Also, not sure what he celebrating because most of his friends are fake ballers also. Did they graduate clown college?

I know for a fact a couple of those guys tried to embezzle about 150K from my homegirl after they said they got pictures of her naked which was BS. Still don’t know how he’s going to make money since he just tries to screw people over. Nah, we aint chilling fam. Maybe if you got a world tour apology people might stop but he screwed too many people over.

How can you lay low while taking trips? When my friends go on trips, it’s IG story hell… you see every lobster digested.- nik

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