Most Recent Miami Trip — Overdraft

Most Recent Miami Trip — Overdraft

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m not going to get into as much detail as all those that exposed Edwin Kohan, but I can tell you practically everything you’re hearing is true. Having seen his flamboyant and frivolous ways, it was appearently everything I’ve heard from mutual acquaintances in both BH and Miami coming true.

I took photos of his shenanigans to send to a group of friends that happen to be fully aware of his delusional life via a group chat. Obviously, the intent wasn’t to help fuel the fake persona that he believes people are stupid enough to believe, but rather for the purpose of laughing at him amongst my friends with that group chat because we have all known for years how full of crap he is and always has been.

Take a look at this photo and tell me he isn’t asking for problems? I believe (just like the very first post) your doing him a favor and I truly feel bad that his family has to endure and be associated with this circus he’s created all by himself. Frequently, you see guys like this on the television show “American Greed” and if he continues down this delusional road, I can honestly say I’ll have my DVR set to record what one would consider a prophecy with Overdraft eventually making an appearance (not by choice) on a show like that.

Best of luck to you Edwin, but be true to yourself and most importantly your family, because without your family’s emotional support, you’ll continue to be weak. Success isn’t an accident which is why “the hustle has to always be real, but the dream is always sold separately” my friend. Fun fact: this idiot has what looks like an ounce of weed in his shirt pocket for everyone to see at the club, while he’s rolling a joint and behind that ounce this cheap mofo has a $10 bill as if that denaro has some significance.

Overdraft, don’t let the world get to you. Weed is the new goldfish- you can get tons of it for ten cents now. So please keep your focus on finding 100 million customers. We got this fam.- nik

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