Overdraft — I knew this would happen LOL

Overdraft — I knew this would happen LOL

THE DIRTY ARMY: Damn man. Nik, my boy told me about this, but I thought he was lying. This fool you call Overdraft and what you guys are reading is soooooo money and true. This clown was flossing to me once David Beckham was his boy and he volunteered to work on his clothing line, but we all know that stuff was fake. The guy in the pic with the Ferrari was his partner that he worked for. I think his name was Eli or something like that.

Cool guy but we all knew this guy Edwin was his lackey when he says he was his partner. I was reading the thread and maybe you changing this boy because I saw on the gram he wants to be surrounded by good people. That is a joke. Fool bounces around guys with money more than gold digging girls.

This is the best with the phone. I was there that day and he thought he was all hard taking that pic and we just smiled on the outside but laughed our asses off on the inside. It was so bad even the pilot made fun of him. Damn Nik you deserve an award for this and that name Overdraft. This guy Eddie might not be really a bad dude, but if I was him, I would delete all social media, get a real job and stop flossing stuff you do not have.

People will never understand my vision. Overdraft is on fire right now… they want Edwin to win.- nik


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