UPDATE: Please Expose Edwin Kohan from Beverly Hills

UPDATE: Please Expose Edwin Kohan from Beverly Hills

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hello The Dirty… I am asking for a favor from you. Can you please expose this guy for the loser he is? You are actually doing him a favor. I have seen this loser at many clubs mooching off people who have real money and then this loser is going on Instagram and acting like he did it.

Edwin Kohan keeps talking about all the haters he has when everyone knows he has no money. Also, all the companies he lists on his Insta are either closed or just trying to knock off others. This is a groupie guy and you would be doing him a favor since he’s 30 and still living with his parents with no job just mooching.

Typical Raider fan- always taking pictures in front of things instead of inside of them. POV or it didn’t happen.- nik

UPDATE: Edwin Kohan Responds


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  1. THE TRUTHJuly 19, 2018 at 2:04 PM

    That black card is fake, …go google online. You can get a personalized fake black card with your name on it online. Shipped fresh . Nice for a pose though. People are selling those like potato chips online.

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