The Real FAKE Edwin Kohan

The Real FAKE Edwin Kohan

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey Nik, first off thanks for exposing this loser Edwin Kohan!!! But there is so much you’re missing and seems like you don’t know him well!!! Anyhow will tell you a bit more, he is below zero and wondering why isn’t he frozen!!! He talks a big game in the cannabis industry and all he has done is either took sample of 1lb bags and sold it or jacked people on a set up!!!

He is a runner and doesn’t even have a car to his name, why doesn’t he post a picture of a title on a car he drives, the Rolls Royce!!! Even if he does it will be photoshoped!!! All the watches, glasses and shoes he wears is knock off and replicas from downtown LA!!! Can’t tell you enough if it wasn’t because his hard working father that barely makes ends meet he would be homeless!! Literally homeless.

He is a sidekick for the others supplying girls just to get invited to parties!!! Feel sorry for him but he believes he is a baller but only with your help and the wake up call he may be a baller some day. Many people are after him for money he owes and he is constantly dodging the people he owes money to.

I really wanted this guy to be legit, but now it seems he’s lower than a 30K Millionaire. Maybe we should name him Overdraft?- nik

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