JBER Slooty Dependa


THE DIRTY ARMY: JBER watch out for LEXI JOHNSON. Claims to be a professional make-up artist, however, she has never even been to beauty school. She lives with her husband and their room mate, however, her husband doesnt know that she’s fcking their room mate behind his back! When you threaten to tell her husband, she’ll start crying and begging, but continues to fck her room mate! She becomes friends with people, then tries to get as close as she can to your husband! She’s creepy as shit, and when you stop talking/responding to her she will stalk your house until you have to call the MP’s to get her to go away. She’s a psychotic bitch, and is always walking the streets on post at random hours of the night!!!! I’ve heard A LOT of crazy stuff about this hoe from multiple people, other than my own experience! Watch out!!!!

Natasha Claire Loves To Travel


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Natasha Claire. She is referred to as “Natt Kitty Catt” Why? Nobody knows. People call her the “nasty nat”… in reference to her being nasty as f*ck. If you go to her twitter, she constantly tweets about how she has all this money, and how perfect her life is. In reality, her life sucks. Her boyfriend gave her the world & she broke his heart and cheated on him with his best friend. She actually made her boyfriend quit his football scholarship with FSU, she’s a crazy bitch. She has no money, her parents have all the money. She calls herself independent, and she’s not. She travels all over from LV, Miami, Houston, Chicago, and NYC to host parties… she has slept with well over 100 guys. She has all these followers on twitter because she posts naked pictures and sleeps with her followers. She’s pretty much a traveling prostitute. Enjoy.

+2’s would make that gut stomach invisible.- nik

Kathy FourLokos Friend


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik! This asian wanna be Kim K has been f*cking with everyone else’s boyfriends lately.  She thinks she is the sh*t , she posts tons of pictures of herself everyday .  I’m so sicking tired of her being everywhere and brag about herself and how many guys she sleeps with, how she never pays for stuff etc.  She bar tends lol ugh so sicking tired of her! theres nothing special about her I hope she realizes it.  Oh plus she said she is getting her boobs done soon but look her nose and adams apple.

Smells like Noodles.- nik

Meet Britters





THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Br*ttany britters, shes is the local joke around Grand Rapids. This girl has been trying to be a model for so long and has only managed to make a website about herself. Whats funny is the photographers will take her money and her pictures but not post them on their own page. She used to be a gogo dancer. All the models in GR know who she is and all make fun of her. The real juice hit when her boyfriend (who shes obsessed with) left her for a much better looking younger girl (funny she has been put on the dirty too) Am*ren. He ended up getting that girl preggo and ran back to britters. Shes so obsessive now that went out and bought a fake engagement ring. And shes even more obsessed with the 19 year old than she is her boyfriend (which is scary if you knew how crazy she is when it comes to him). Whats really sad is the way she talks, look up brittany from Daria (the old MTV show). You tell me nik is she the next big thing. lol

You can’t hide those teeth forever.- nik

Brandy Is A Psycho Sloot


Psycho b*tch with herpes!

Psycho b*tch with herpes!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Her name is Brandy Johnson. She lives in Saint Joseph, Missouri but she has lived around the Faucett and Agency areas. She is a piece of work and has slept with over 30 different men. How in the hell she can get all that action? I have no idea. Any man who willingly gets in bed with her ugly *ss, HAS to have something wrong with him. Besides the fact that she is completely and utterly unattractive (to say the least) ..she is an unfit mother. She has had DFS called plently of times. I honestly don’t know how she is still even able to see her children at all, considering she checks *herself* in and out of mental institutions in order to get medication.. (which she doesn’t take) and her ultimate goal — now she has actually recieved disability on herself. She’s living the good life. She’s STILL recieving child support for 2 of the 3 kids who haven’t lived with her in over 5 years. She recieves housing and food stamps as well.. She was working ‘under the table’ at one point in time. She blames everyone else for the problems that she has in life, never wants to take responsibly or get a job. She constantly uses people and everyone in the world is out to get her. She’s never going to grow up.. so I say hey, let’s at least put her on blast and let eveyone know about the true POS that she is!

She’s learned that she can support herself by having babies, careful you could be next.- nik

Only Tolerable When Drinking


Bitches think they're famous

Bitches think they're famous

Bitches think they're famous

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, behold the ultimate group of wanna be celebrities. These are some of the dumbest girls to EVER have existed. The girls are Gina, Katie, Shannon, Lauren and Amanda. They are total bottle rats and think they’re hot sh*t. They all talk so much sh*t behind each other’s backs and only tolerate each other drunk, which they are all the time. My good friend’s boyfriend got some from Amanda once while drunk and regretted it.

Bacardi has been bringing bottle rats together for years.- nik

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