Naperville’s Homewrecking Trash

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not only is she a lost soul she bottom feeds off men like a maggot. She’ll do anything for a drink. She uses guys to pay for anything she can. She has portrayed herself to be this innocent girl who has a job as a teacher at Oswego High School and goes to school (she even drinks with her 17 and 18 year old students!) but is the biggest gold digging undercover slut Naperville/Chicago has ever seen. I have seen this girl out multiple times personally and every time I have seen her she was wasted out of her mind with literally a different guy every week, sometimes two different guys in the same night at different bars. I can’t get enough of this for the fact that she thinks she is a model and all she does is sits around on facebook while ‘teaching’ always posting pictures of herself getting off on how many ‘likes’ her nasty, acne ridden caked on makeup face can get.  She slept with a guy engaged to be married and just wouldn’t leave him alone after that. Her ex-husband left her for one of their girlfriends after she continuously invited other women into her bed. She tells people that she was cheated on behind her back and that’s her excuse for f’ing with a married dude when it’s the furthest thing from the truth. She even brags to anyone that will listen about how she banged him on his wedding day! She thinks its all fun and games but is a major downgrade to his wife.  My buddy hooked up with her. He now has an drd and she is the only girl he’s hooked up with in a while. This girl is dirty and trailer park trash to a T. I mentioned how If you buy her a drink she will hook up with you but don’t do it!

Village Idiot Oompa Loompa Amanda Woods Caught In Kidnapping Plot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Amanda made the headlines today when she plotted to fake her boyfriends kidnapping to pay off a $3K gambling debt. Amanda is no stranger to the Dirty with prior posts of her well known drug issues, slut antics, and having the parents burying it like cat shit in the sand. Not this time. Goat boy Joey Vee which is Amanda’s boy toy along with his friend Shave “Juvie Babie “as he likes to call himself in the rap, and dope game got busted. Joseph Vicario, 25, and his girlfriend Amanda Woods, 21, allegedly called Vicario’s mother, Rose Vicario, on Friday saying that they were being held by unknown assailants. Police said Woods later told Rose Vicario that they had been kidnapped and were being held by individuals demanding $3,000. She then contacted police, who pinged the cellphone moving in Oak Lawn and Chicago Ridge. Police issued a bulletin for Woods’ vehicle, a white 2013 Mazda; police said they located the vehicle near 95th and Melvina, finding Woods, Joseph Vicario and 26-year-old Shane Ablan in the car unharmed.

Never trust an iPhone.- nik

Stalker and Photoshop queen


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik .I am sick of this psycho stalking my friends. She is a 27 year old loser who lies about anything and everything to look good . She is crazy she threatened my friend Stefany told her she would k’ll her. She is a drug addict loser who is still living at home , here parents pay for every thing ! She steals from anyone even her family who after a party this summer at THERE house. It got robed by people she had over. But who believes thats . She needs help . It is sick how she talked about others but looks and smells like sh’t. Oh and when your at your low point shed takes pix and holds them against you for black mail ! Oh and it is sad how she will post about how she love God and she a hippie and free spirit but all she dose is sh’t talk people social media.

Anthony Nunez And The GoFundMe Scam


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Shame on you Anthony! For Shame! How dare you scam hard earned money from working class people using a GoFundMe account supposedly gathering funds for a fallen comrade! This entitled douchebag used his service in the Marines to create a crowd funding scam that generated thousands of dollars for a supposedly deceased comrade’s family. When the family was contacted to verify that they received the funds we were shocked to find out that they never got a penny and didn’t even know it was being collected in the first place. Anthony bought a new car and a Rolex watch with the stolen funds and constantly flaunts them around Chicago. We have contacted GoFundMe and hopefully they will investigate him and press fraud charges against this asshole. You are a joke Anthony Nunez and you will be brought to justice.

Don’t forget — GoFundMe gets a large cut.- nik

Will Someone Please Stop Joey Cip

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, will someone please stop crazy, convict, delusional Joey Cip from abusing all women? Joey Cip hates all women and constantly humiliates and puts on blast all women that he Stalks including Karina Pavlova, Kathy FourLoko, Angelica Megan, Ivanna Dudka, Annaeasa,Carolina Romero and MANY many others including his Mom who he hates her for giving him birth. It’s a fact that Joey Cip is Extremely insecure and a weak ass punk who knows he’s days are numbered, because he has burned a ton of bridges with many gangsters, drug dealers, and prostitutes. This is why to make him feel better he abuses all women on a daily bases and Never any Men, because he is a scared little short broke ass pussy. Maybe his Mom abused him as a Kid that’s why he hates all women. What You think Nik? Why he feel strong Urges to abuse and humiliate all women on this earth, while he should be happy, they are next to him and giving him a time a day when everyone else wants him Locked up in jail for life for all his Crimes his whole worthless life. Maybe he is a GAY? All His Instagram is so Fake, he don’t have a penny on his name, VERY POOR and broke lives with roommates and acting like his idol Dan Bilzerian. I know him personally and I can tell- GUY IS VERY BROKE and Convicted Felon without any future. I just asking You to STOP Joey CIP abusing all women and to check yourself into drug and alcohol Rehab ASAP before your life is over.

Joey is obviously racist towards white women.- nik



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dude needs a red nose and a pair of size 18 shoes, because he is a f’ing clown. Met him in my hometown and he swept me off my feet; lavish dates, expensive gifts and romantic trips. Come to find out homeboy is married with a kid, and the fool has the guts to beg me to keep it confidential when he suspects his wife will contact me to confirm the extramarital affair. Nick travels all over the country for work, presumably picking up unsuspecting women in every city he visits. Sorry, Nat, but had to put your boy on blast. Be on the lookout, ladies. This guy is a real piece of work!!

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