Trailer Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this useless human being calls himself country man , he trolls post of young girls all over fb messages them , sends them cock shots – hell he will even thro in *i love you* just for show. Claims his brother has a drug problem when in reality he has the drug problem with no teeth left in his head and ssleeping on mmommy’ ccouch jacking off and sending many girls the video dirty old man!

Fraud Alert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have dated my fair share of messed up people however, Cordell McNeil takes the title. From being lied to about who he is completely to him stealing a horse and refusing to give my mom her money for a horse he allegedly sold. Cordell says he is this big time cutting horse trainer yet has been inactive in the NCHA(National Cutting Horse Association) since 2014 and has ZERO life time earnings! What this means is that he has not renewed his membership since 2014 and has never won anything in a show! But claims to show all the time! He has also been caught snooping around horse farms, peering in vehicles to see if they were locked as well as having absolutely no respect for the function of the farm where he was welcomed as a guest. There have also been claims against him for already screwing people out of money in his new “trailer sales”. Cordell McNeil has no proven assets and anything he has is either from theft due to him being a sly con artist, or from his father and grandfather who passed away. In no way is this guy worth anyone’s time and I certainly do not suggest anyone do business with him! I am currently seeking a law suit against him for multiple items and money he owes.

A picture would help.- nik

Are There No Mirrors In Chicago

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, what the hell is wrong with Kathy and her friends faces. They look like they took a dip in powder! Her face doesn’t match the body. Please someone get them a damn mirror.

They are stuck in that weird age bracket where they look like Cougars, but really they are in their 20’s still… trying to hold on.- nik

F-boy For Sale

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Ryan Patrick Bing; Wisconsin/Illinois Resident, I wouldn’t know currently because the 30 year old wanker is broke AND homeless. This Assclown is the biggest womanizer I have met to date. He’s a tool like no other ladies. Let me bring you into the mind of this chode. It’s full of lucid vivid dreams of Incest and butt plugs (specifically with his own Birthmother, and future children). He also not only fantasizes about but partakes in the act of forcing extremely large objects into women… or men  This roided Freak of nature lets the juice get the best of him,(yes his results are fake girls, give it another year and his chesticles will soon become breasticles, he has no testicles because he’s a p”sy) he enjoys beating women, (this is a new hobby of his might I Add) besides the fact that his soft 2 inch limp dick don’t work, his head game is also weak I guess he never took that trip to find the mythical clitoris. He lives in a sick world of lies and dirty grimy sexual favors, and requests and also…came about 1cm away from receiving ch**dia from a nasty beat down. Luckily his test, came back “Negative” or is he lying? I wouldn’t know the truth from his lies anymore. If you have slept with this man within the past year I HIGHLY advise you to get checked. All this jobless loser does all day is look for random people to bang, provides sexual favors so he can keep his hair and nails on point, and jacks off all day. He doesn’t know when to stop, he can never be faithful, cheats on anyone or anything with 2 legs, wouldn’t be surprised if 2 legs wasn’t enough for him one day. He has this sick twisted idea that he wishes were true that his family gets together on weekends and fuck each other silly with big objects. He lives with other women and will string anyone along on the side if they’re dumb enough to follow. Hes going to be bouncing from house to house soon girls so if he comes knocking on your door keep him bouncing. He might molest your children if you have them. Best to keep them away. Girls, if you want to be cheated on, or have an open relationship with a man that will stick is dick in anything possible then this is your man. Look no further. This piece of work, this pretty boy slime ball, slease ball, scum bag, ballsy ass, needle dick havin, , perverted mooch will f’ your world UP. In the worst way possible. And I mean it when I say this guy is better at mind fucking than he is at actual f’ing. I mean, if you want to deal with that then by all means, if you like to be let down disappointed, have promises be broken and if you want to come out with your reputation ruined and you looking like a fool in the end then please be with this man. He’s the Perfect fuckboy for you Better get in line quick, he sells fast

Engaged and Still Looking for Greg
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.12.10 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, OMG ugly cheap prosititute Maggie Mae got Engaged to career criminal, crazy felon and con artist Joey Cip and instead of being happy to get married she is still so miserable and on many online dating hook up sites looking for another old ugly Greg to pay her bills, because broke ass bum Joey Cip is her new little bitch who can’t afford anything. HEY GUYS! Everyone, email her on POF

How Does Kathy FourLoko Manage To Look More And More Haggard

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I don’t get it. With IG/technology/friends many girls have constantly improved themselves through out the years… besides Kathy FourLoko. I swear every image she posts, she looks worse and worse. Anything we can do to help her.

This is bad. She is like Bomba — cannot be saved.- nik

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