Fighting for that Number one Spot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this home wrecking whore’s name is Jessica Hocking. She takes the number 1 spot for Chilliwack dirtiest. She pretends to be a good Christian girl but in reality she is just a dirty slut. She is a junkie who will do and say anything to for booze, drugs and sex. She likes to pursue married men and doesn’t care if they have a family. She lies to them, tells them everything they want to hear and try’s to convince them that they are her “soulmate”. This dirty whore lives at home with mommy and daddy because everyone knows what a dirty drughead she really is. You will find her at Bars/night clubs from Chilliwack to Vancouver looking for her next target. Ladies if you see this bitch, knock her the F out, guys stay away from her, she will ruin your life!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Katie from the corner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to kathleen lesage. She goes by Katie Telford, Katie Liv and so on. She likes to make up her own names on Facebook. This girl is the nastiest girl around. I’ve got to admit that she used to be a friend of mine years ago but she’s spiralled out of control and I just need to put her on blast. Katie had a teen pregnancy, got her kid taken away and now smokes all sorts of drugs and her newest fav is injecting her**’. She posts ads all over the Internet selling herself to males to support her habit. She told me she only rips them off and if she does sleep with them she uses protection. GROSS. She crys about missing her baby but she has put NO effort into getting him back. I’ve tried helping her get a job, tried to get her sober. She is a lost cause. She thinks she’s hot as hel but she’s a bone rack & nobody likes her. The only guys who are attracted to her are skid balls themselves. She recently just got out of jail and her ego is as big as ever. Probably could Write a series of books about how nasty she is but I’ll live it at that. enjoy!

Walking Slime


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, say hello to Chris Renaud. A wanna be fire fighter who is a pro at head games. The guy can’t get hired with a real department, and is living off EI. So if he doesn’t suck that out of you, He’ll sweet talk you, messaging or calling every day and convince you that he’s really into you, that you can trust him and believe there is something solid going on and then turn around and toss you curb side. He’s a sleaze ball, the cruelest of the cruel and it needs to get out that he will just use you and make you think you are worth his time when he’s just really after one thing, and he doesn’t care about the pain left in his wake. He comes off as a good sweet guy at first but don’t be fooled ladies, he’ll lead you on for months before cutting you loose to move on to the next girl. Like that is his plan, to chase you, make you think you’re special and have you fall for him, only to treat you like trash and dump your ass and break your heart. He’s just a player. If this guy starts talking to you girls RUN! His smooth words and slick smile are just the mask of someone who likes to leave good girls damaged.

Trapped at the Caddyshack


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kat Elizabeth, you can find her on Leos list or backpage selling her trap OR at the caddyshack in maple ridge looking for guys to take home at the end of the night. She would suck any guys dick for some drinks & a line of blow. She claims to be from toronto, talking and acting hard.! No one likes you. Stop with all your facebook selfies you attention seeking whore. This b**ch fks on her period! Like who dies that? She has the dirtiest, smelliest p**sy ever! I let this b*tch wear my pjs she bleed all over them & hid them behind my couch. Shes so insecure about her body she wears TONS of makeup to hide how ugly she really is. This chick recently undated her her facebook as a JCI student, stop lying Kat. The only thing u know how to do is snort & suck. You’re a dirty ass whore that uses people. I feel so bad for you. She talks sooo much shit about her “friends.” She legit is a fkn psychopath and needs to be on blast.

Her body really eats up that strap.- nik


Being on the dirty doesn’t do justice to this failure


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this winner here is breanna thielen, someone who was once my best friend in high school but has now become the local community slut with her mom’s old friends that repay her with drugs of course…. she has a little boy boyfriend who is naive to her extra cirricular activities of which she literally acts on right in front of him. It seems to be a repetitive theme to date young and dumb kids that work away, send her money to go f’ around on them with 50 some year old biker dealers…. I watched you pick up ****** two months ago, knowing full well your actions were obvious to everyone. She has this little coc addiction that has left her previously xtra large figure deflated and hanging down and out of her clothes. She puts every slab of her nastiness out there to get a fix for a f’…. it’s a small town and the truth must come out. This is my town, you won’t leave I will continue to pus you out. You’re dirty, a drug addict and a disgusting member of society. Not that you contribute to society in the least… wrap it up boys when you meet this one or better yet run the other way with your wallet in hand.

Renan Tarras Scum To This Earth


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this kid, from Maple Ridge, has lived in Chilliwack. this is the type of guy that will do ANYTHIGN he can to f’ you. He has raped girls, slept with 13 yer olds and also had to go to court with Amanda Todd because she claimed rape. He is the most disgusting manipulating person in this whole world, he beats girls, he has slept with LITERALLY over 100 girls, has had chl**ia, you name it. He had a girlfriend and f’ed someone else and got c***dia, didint tell his girlfriend at the time and f’ed her and gave it to her. she was completely loyal to him.,,He had has a girlfriend and cheated on her more then 20 times in 2 months, hes f’ed more then one person in a day. he once had a girlfriend and kicked her outta his house to go f’ someone else cause she was on her period and didnt wanna f.. he is a DOG, actually no, cause a dog is much more loyal. this kid wouldint know loyalty if it hit him in the face or dick. hes a disgrace to human nature. he will lie to his mom and say YOUR cheating on him when he is. He will make you give him your facebook, instagram password etc. go threw all your message from now to years ago and make sure you DONT talk to ANY other guy, he will blame you for cheating , while hes cheating. once you find out hes hceating he BAG AND BAG for you back, cry and say he loves you your the love of his life. this kid is pathetic. a loser. The way he treat woman is NO way ANYONE should treat a person, i mean rape, cheating, pushing around/beating, lying, manipulating!??!?! how much worse can it get,

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