Silly Renee Terry


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is one of the dirtiest chicks around. Silisa aka Slutlisa is married with 2 kids but that doesn’t stop her from banging every guy that gives her a little attention. She showers once a week on a good week and trying to get her to brush her teeth is a joke. Her body is more like a little boy than a woman. She uses men and tries running back to her husband when they are done with her after finding out how dirty she really is and how filthy she lives. Her bedroom is the most disgusting thing anyone has ever seen. If you see this slut, RUN!

I think I see a couple cats.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Lindsay Webster


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Lindsay Webster. Cincinnati’s most bipolar and nastiest female. She does nothing but play mind games and lead men on and most of all she wants every guy she talks to and f’s to believe that she is innocent and doesn’t F’ multiple different guys and when confronted about things such as her standing you up, she comes up with the most dumbest sh’t ever such as)”I accidentally locked my daughter in the car and had to call the police to get her out. I was so upset that I didn’t want to be on my phone so that’s why I didn’t text you and tell you I wasn’t coming” or “sorry, I don’t text guys while I’m with my mom and grandma” meanwhile, little does she know, I know she was with another dude on another date. She is such a compulsive liar looking for a quick handout. Watch out guys.

Ashley Teegarden


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Ashley Teegarden! This dirty hoe is rascist as hell! I met her and we started talking and of course she became clingy as f’k and then I called her out on her bullshit when she tried to tell me she wasn’t seeing no one else and of course she gets mad and I’m every rascist name in the book. I’m not even fully black! Lol I’m mix. This bitch is nasty as f’ck and a terrible mother at that. Our first meeting, she brings her 2 year old daughter and was telling me how she doesn’t wear panties and she wants me to do things to her WHILE HER DAUGHTER WAS IN FRONT OF US and while out eating! How low is she?! Now all if sudden she “doesn’t like black guys” and she “has a redneck boyfriend” but yet she’s still on every dating site that’s out there. Guys beware of this scammer and wrap your shit before y’all catch something. And be careful she’ll go after your guy friends as well while seeing you. Unfaithful thot.

Can You Help Savy Keo


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, can you help Savy Keo live a fake life? Fake nails. Fake eyelashes. Fake eye contacts. Fake hair extensions. Fake over-sized boobs. Fake college. Fake model. Fake Facebook posts. Fake friends. Fake boyfriend. Fake claims like “I’m very independent and a self sufficient women and mother”. Yet, she earns minimum wages as a Diamonds strip club bar girl in Dayton. She lives off of baby daddy child support (She has two baby daddies. One is a millionaire she met stripping then married but he divorced her). And she hooks up for money with Sugar Daddy’s on where she is known as Saks15. Her sugar baby profile says she has been an active member since January 2015. And reads “Let’s enjoy the pleasures and indulge together… I need a guy who comes to me and want me to help him unwind from his day and leave reality at the door for a bit and just enjoy great company. I’m easy… I’m open to anything… my desired arrangements will be what you desire. Xo” So, can you be one of many she entertains and help her live a fake life?

You lost me at Kentucky.- nik

Ashleigh Doyle McDaniel and her family too


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the junkie you see above is Ashleigh McDaniel. She’s a horrible excuse for a human from Cincinnati now living on an alpaca farm in Aurora, Indiana with her scabies and lice infested husband, kids, mother, and step-dad. She posted lies about me on this website, so I thought it would only be fair to share my own post, except, everything I say will be the truth with proof to back it all up. It’s funny that she has to make up lies about me to try to make me look bad, when all I need to do is scratch the surface of the truth about her to show the world what a loser she is. You see, this piece of gutter trash is my niece (unfortunately, you can’t choose your family) and when she tried to get another niece of mine to get her drugs, I stepped up and told her that that was unacceptable. She doesn’t need to be bringing a good kid down. When I told her to leave this other family member out of her trainwreck life, she said some pretty terrible things about my two children, one of which is special needs.  By that time, I thought she was out of my life and I was totally accepting of that until she turned up like the bad penny she is with a backhanded apology. So, I told her how I felt and proceeded to block her “sorry” ass. (see screenshot in photos) I guess that wasn’t enough for her.  So then when she found out I blocked her on Facebook (I mean, of course I did, why wouldn’t I?) she posted the most outrageous and unbelievable lies about me here.  She’s in her mid-twenties, lives at home with her piece of sh’t, lying mother and step-dad, along with her closeted gay, wife-beating husband and their two horribly cared for children. Which I’m surprised she still has any sort of custody of. She sleeps all day while other people watch her kids and then when her loser husband comes home, he’s taking care of them and is none the wiser. One time, her youngest child had a shitty diaper at a family event and she refused to change it. She said that his daddy would be there soon and that he would change it. Well, he was an entire state away and that child sat in that shitty diaper for hours. She only keeps this loser husband of hers around because she needs him to support her and take care of her little tax-deductions so she can do a plethora of drugs and whoring around.  The mother (if you want to call her that) that raised her, Jenny White/Doyle/Wilk, gave up her first child, Will, for adoption (see him in photos) and her husband of at least 15 years has no idea. She and THAT guy ALSO gave up a child for adoption after trying to say Ashleigh’s dad was the father because Jenny was whoring around at the time. Jenny has gone as far as to MEET her given up child, Will, as an adult and quite recently, which Tim (her husband) knows nothing about. What are you hiding? Why?  Such a messed up family if you ask me. Ashleigh commits welfare fraud by selling her food stamps for drug money and improperly reporting to welfare. She’s flunked out of nursing school AT LEAST 3 times, I’ve lost count, and she does it to receive student loan and grant money. Seriously, though,

Priscilla Geiger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see someone posted about this well known hoe. I want to add how she uses people for money. Sleeps w any guy who shows her attention. Used to be a dancer and trust me when I say that’s not all she did. She has no real friends. If she does they all are just as bad. Using old dirty men for money. She has a kid but does not ever have her. She is in the bars every night. Strung out on drugs. I can keep going and going on how horrible of s person she is. You can smell her when you stand next to her. Her body is beat down. It has so many miles on it she could have her own airport. She got fired from a bar for stealing. Need I say more. Hide your wallets fellas.

Aftermarket shadowing, aka photoshop.- nik

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