Denise the Slag


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out this slag Denise. She dates a man twice her age because she wants to sit on her ass all day and do nothing. He pays her bills and buys her stuff. She has tried to be a singer but failed. She sleeps around and thinks she is hot stuff. She is so addicted to posting selfies online and tried to get Garnier to hire her as a model. She needs a nose job and some implants. Her chest is flatter then a teenage girls.

She belongs in Jersey.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Jon Anhedonia crazy and depressed


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jon Krech is bat S CRAZY. Watch out ladies this man is not what he seems. He drinks two bottles of wine a night on top of other things. He is heavily medicated on 5 different pills for being crazy and MULTI personas. He is an alcoholic and justifies is by saying red wine is healthy for you. He is a computer hacker and one of the best. He looks up all of the girls he dates friends. hacks cell phones and fallows his girls with gps on their cars. My friend got in an altercation and has actual pictures of him mid act in crazy. He turned a situation around that happened and tried to make himself look not guilty but she also has photos of this actually going on and a letter he wrote mid breakdown. She got a restraining order granted when he did not show for court and showed the judge the photos of why she needed protected. Acts like the best guy out there but all he wants to do is sit and lock himself in a room and cry. He got a dui and blew way over the limit and had the machine in his car and still tells everyone he was not drunk. He believes in his own lies. He has sex with his best friend who is also married and her husband is blind to it. He never takes a shower and stinks so bad it makes you sick. Who wants to sleep next to someone who never showers. Porn addict gross fetishes and loves to be poo on during intimacy. Again ladies beware. He will make you go into depression with him. He is not capable of real love due to his mental issues. He says he has all This money but he is broke and lives with his mistress and her ex con husband. He told my friend Sara that it was his sister.

Shannon Hang Up Brown


THE DIRTY ARMY: Shannon brown acts like your friend while she sleeps with your man behind your back. She is a drunk who drinks every night with her son at home. She gets so drunk she falls all Over and has been sent to the hospital multiple Times for overdose while her son has been home. She hides bottles all over so no one knows while she sneaks drinks. She has all of her stuff she owns for taking a rich dude for all he has. Even though she has a job she can barely make it in because she wakes up and drinks. Her sugar daddy paid her down payment on her house. She has been a stripper and slept with dudes for money. I walked in on her and my ex having sex and clearly knowing what I saw she kept Trying to deny it. Stay away ladies. She will act like a friend but behind your back she will do all She can to destroy you. She would turn my alarm off while I would sleep so I would miss my job. Her husband uses her for a green card. They have a roommate but she sleeps with him behind her husbands back. I have witnessed this as well. Her parents can’t even stand her. Her mom is an addict as well. She has been in and out of rehab for he***n so many times. She drained her savings account and went broke using drugs. She will act like she has so much but all she has going for her is a house she can’t afford. Hence sleeping with men for money behind her husbands back. AVOID at all cost unless you want to become a drunk junkie with her.

Gina Carcaterra is a gold digger honeypot spy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Gina Carcaterra , maiden name Gina Gabbard (AKA Gina Black, Gina Schloss and other names because she has several online handles and she’s been married 4 or 5 times) may seem like some harmless trashy/hillbilly kind of sloot you could easily pick up and send on her way in the morning, but she’s more trouble than you’ll ever bargain for. she is an unfit mother of a son who she moves around with her from house to house while she finds lawsuits and people to leach onto. Just look up her name and you’ll see her extensive legal history. She has many police/prison connections, including a mother who was a prison warden or a sheriff I believe. She met my best friend… I’ll call him Jerry. Anyhow upon meeting Jerry and finding out that he was an engineer who’d built up a sum of money for retirement/ future business, and was working on his Phd, she immediately started catering to his interests and every sexual desire.. so much that he was convinced he’d found a life partner within a month or two. Meanwhile she was sneaking around and f’ing/sexting with other men and women to find the next sucker. She manipulated him into buying things for her son and herself; eventually picking out an apartment for all 3 of them to move into. Against my advice he signed a lease with this slore.. This is when things really took a turn for the worst. . She destroyed his flatscreen, his laptop, his electronics. He started filming her going crazy and she grabbed the phone and threw it in the toilet. He walked out of the apartment and drove off and then she beat the sh*t out of herself; called the cops to tell them he trashed the apartment, he beat her up, and he was drunk (which he wasn’t). The police picked Kurt up and threw him in county jail for 4 days, then put him on house arrest for 6 or 7 months with an ankle bracelet, drug tests, probation, and just about any restriction a person can impose. He had mountains of evidence ready for the court date, which kept getting pushed back. Pics, records of phone calls, incriminating texts, several character witness testimonies by friends and past girlfriends. He even compiled a nice little power point presentation with all of the photos and evidence… The lawyers (expensive lawyer) did absolutely nothing by the way other than show up to court without hardly even having looked at any of the evidence. That just goes to show you that, you always have to look out for yourself.. Anyhow, the court date came and Gina never showed up, the case was dismissed, and Kurt was taken off house arrest. Kurt now suffers from post traumatic stress, he’s shocked and he’s not the same person as before. He’s also unemployed now, and he’s still not allowed to go back to UC until the red tape has been cleared all the way. She’s burned thousands of bridges and never owned up to any of it.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN

Who gets the refund?- nik

Cheeky Bethany Campbell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is the dirtiest female around Cincinnati. Not only is she a stripper at Cheeks in Dayton but she has slept with over 60+ dudes and claims to be engaged. Everyone knows her and knows that she gets around. I have been told numerous of times that she also has done/is on drugs (Dope) and sucked my friend’s greg while he shot up his arm with he**in and then she took a couple shots of it.  She has been posted on other sites and her pics have been put on blast but idk why she hasn’t been put on here yet. She definitely gets around and thinks she’s hot s*it but all she does is mooch off of people and likes to lie about what she has when in reality, before she started stripping and being an escort I was told by her ex friend that she stole from people. Imagine that. She’s nothing but a thot and will make up lies about anyone and everyone just to make herself look good. Needless to say, fellas, if you want a easy lay, hit her up. All you have to do is smoke her out, get her drunk and she’ll go. If you don’t have anything to offer, don’t waste your time. Bethany, you’re not all that. Get a life.

Deadbeat Sperm Donor


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is John Meibers. He was given custody of his 8 year old son due to unfortunate circumstances. His 8 year old is special needs and developmentally delayed. While his mommy and step daddy was fighting for him, John abused his son physically,mentally and emotionally… John had never been a father and is so behind in support, he will never catch up. He beat his son so bad, the the little boy was bruised up and down his legs back and arms… His face was swollen from being repeatedly hit. Mind you children services said no physical discipline…. The only way that this was found out was BC his father kept missing visits with the Childs mother and hid him a day after court when she was granted over night visits. The child mother called the school and did a well child check and cps removed him. The child had not been on any proper meds and is severely damaged emotionally. His wife Alyssa claims she didn’t know what was going on. But the bitch abused the child also… Both of these low lifes need to be beat like they beat the special needs child…No one like a child abuser!!!

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