Dazlymar Rodrigo of Anchorage

Dazlymar Rodrigo of Anchorage

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, long story short- Dazlymar Rodrigo used to live in Anchorage. She’s on most of the dating websites, such as POF, meetme, and tinder. She’s married to Kris, who’s a truck driver for the army, who has been stationed elsewhere. Daz and Kris lived together, like every married couple should. She goes out every weekend with a friend, that I’ve heard gets around too.

She goes on the prowl to bring men home with her. She has been pregnant a handful of times, not knowing who the dad is, and will pawn them off on them, and as soon as they say they don’t want anything to do with her or the baby, she runs back to her husband and claims it’s his. And he makes her get an abortion. When he leaves for the field, she invites men over and sleeps with them in their bed. She got pregnant again, and decided to keep this one, and Kris knows it’s not his, but doesn’t want to lose the extra money.


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