Austin Chandonnet — Bum F*cking Loser POS

Austin Chandonnet — Bum F*cking Loser POS

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to even begin with this piece of sh!t? He is a 30 year-old loser who has no education, no career, and mooches off of his mommy and rich daddy. He claims to be a “business owner” of a fake business that doesn’t even exist. He is a pathological liar and a total psycho. He is a total f*cking bum and a heroine addict. His friends and family have lost count how many times he has gone to jail. His ex-wife had to get a restraining order against him, and when she kicked him out of the house, he had no one else to mooch off of besides mommy and daddy, so he lives with them. I have known his ex-wife and plenty of other girls he has dated. They all have the same story about him. He will try to act like he has a job, money, a place of his own, but it is all a lie. He just steals enough money from his parents to make it look like that. He also beat the sh!t out of and abused his exes. What kind of grown man lays his hands on females? He is not above getting money thru s*cking d!ck either. After he went thru all his exes to get money and robbed his parents he hit up his gay friends for paper. This dude has no shame. He got f*cked in the azz and gave bjs to homos. You can’t even be this mother f*cker’s friend bc he will always be hittin you up for favors (mainly money) and never pay back. I lost count how many times he hit me up begging for sh!t and lying about paying me back. Bottom line- don’t f*ck with this dude. He is a POS drug addict who steals and lies to ppl, abuses girls, steals from and mooches off of his own parents and just f*cks ppl over in general. If you are a friend or associate of his, a chick with a job, or a gay dude who is willing to get your d!ck s*cked by this fag beware bc he will use you and lie to you. Nik please put his azzhole on blast and let the whole world know how much of a worthless tool he is. Everyone needs to use caution when associating with this dochebag.

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  1. DatBoiiJune 2, 2019 at 12:10 PM

    yup coudnt agree more. this dude is a loser and lies about his job car and just what he has in general. Hasnt really gotten any attention from females either. dont think he has stepped up his game since his ex left him and he got divorced. kind of his fault tho bc he is a tool