Beware Of This Overweight Bugged Eye Fool Samuel Hope

Beware Of This Overweight Bugged Eye Fool Samuel Hope

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Samuel Hope that has been impersonating a woman online and IRL that has gotten exposed. He has been living a double life and impersonating a female by the name of “Tracey Brown.” When found out he skips town. He has resides I know you are asking how do i know this: for starters it’s a long story and it has been relayed to me by a female friend. Years ago Samuel or “Tracey” was a member of a adult online site called Xpeeps. It was for hook-up, casual dating, etc.

Samuel Hope masquerade on that site and overtime developed a interest in a close friend of mine. Who is a heterosexual male. He informed him that his name was Tracey Brown. Samuel’s number was in fact Tracey’s Number. He use random nudes of woman with a brown skin complexion and pass these pictures off as Tracey. How me and my friend found out is my friend was signing up for Instagram because he does art and music. Under contacts we find those stored in the phone. family friends, etc. One person came up that he wasn’t familiar with Samuel – who answered the phone as Tracey Brown.

After thoroughly investigating and doing a research on of the number, it came up to the owner none other than this guy Samuel Hope. When confronted through text, he didn’t answer and confronted through FB he blocks. Further proof of being guilty. I believe he now has it where he cant receive messages, etc., but it traces all back to this guy Samuel.

Keep In mind that the sites Xpeeps is defunct and on longer around and the site started out back and like 2005 so Samuel has been operating on a lie and masquerading as a female of Panamanian descent named Tracey Brown. (picture included : Last Picture) This sick f**k was even suppose to be a grandparent the child who daughter pass due to breast cancer. She was notified and devastated to even have this weirdo.  He also is believed to be escorting upon further investigation to purchase expensive gifts like Prada bags and Michael Kors. Trips to Vegas. Its also believed that he has doesnt have the greatest relationship with his family who are in fact trying to throw A Family Reunion in March. I guess they are going to have alot to talk about.

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