Delicia Cordon aka forever single MSDecordon Exposed: The Groupie, The Criminal, The Squatter, The P4P Mom, The NFL & African Jiz Dumpster

Delicia Cordon aka forever single MSDecordon Exposed: The Groupie, The Criminal, The Squatter, The P4P Mom, The NFL & African Jiz Dumpster

Big shout out to the Dirty Army for breaking two huge stories in the last few months.  First it was drake now we find out the story reported two months ago about offset was true.


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik u must hv seen Delicia Cordon (ex industry heaux, groupie n insta-thot) claim that Buffalo Bills star LeSean McCoy set her up 2 get robbed n beaten..She was recently caught doing P4P in Dubai with a nigerian scam artist wanted in the USA n even smashing an old married fugitive on the run! Lol Delicia’s life is a real life tragedy!! I just had to drop the full tea after she was being dragges on teatenders because every1 from the A knows whats up! Delicia the Groupie-Delicia has been passed around the entire entertainment industry n she’s a diagnosed jersey chaser. She is from [email protected] Norfolk, Virginia n moved to Miami when she was 22 to heaux around 4 free.. She was squatting in some friend of a friend’s NFL players condo but suppose 2 pay full rent. She told the landlord she was a rich model/actress who just broke it off with another NFL player but couldn’t pay a dime in rent, she tried it with forging faulty bank checks n faking wire transfers, one excuse after another! In 2007 she was evicted n given a final judgment 4 removal of tenant. The judge pitied her n gave her a chance to pay past due rent (only $4500) but sadly she didn’t have a dollar 2 her name after all the NFL peens she took!!She was given 24 hours 2 vacate the premises n her bum a$$ refused to leave so she was physically evicted by the sheriff!! What a pathetic girl with no self respect!! Now she has a social security alert under her name for previous evictions n poor credit history so all this stunting she doing for the gram pretending to be a boss b1tch is a joke.

A Warning About Her on


Delicia the Criminal-Almost on the street corner, she started smashing Marcus Vick (micheal vicks bro).. She trapped Marcus immediately with 2 kids to get a check n the poor guy doesn’t even know if the daughter Atalia is even his!! In 2008 Delicia n Marcus were arguing in a car because she is a very insecure woman always accusing men of cheating..when cops pulled them over, he sped off but eventually got arrested for a DUI n suspended license, she got arrested for public drunkenness.. Delicia has a previous DUI when she did a hit n run, she was even arrested for prost1tut1on in Miami, her own friend exposed her.. Scrummaging for scraps to eat, she ducked n sucked her way into videos because she is so stupid that she would rather be disrespected n treated like a heaux by rappers than get a real job 2 feed her kids!! When she finally got some heaux money, she used it on plastic surgery instead of fixing her credit or securing her kids a piece of land to feel stable in because they have been evicted out of numerous places.. Her poor children! Her butt doesn’t move when she dances n she almost died from getting silicone injections.. Her children would be orphans not that that makes a difference since she don’t see them for weeks on end anyway!! Who cares more about vanity than sanity? On social media she pretends like her kids travel with her but her poor cousin Liz actually has to take care of her kids when she goes on her P4P trips.. Her 16 year old son Marrie is so disturbed he was adding pictures of guns on Snapchat pretending to be gangster.. it’s no surprise since he has no mother or father figure around.. In 2014 she tried to scam her own followers with a fitness program until she was called out for having plastic surgery by a doctor!!


Her Friend Exposes Her Previous Charges


In 2016 Marcus Vick tweeted his baby mama Delicia has Herpes.. contracting Herpes for fake Hermès?? Sis you hustling backwards! Delicia is a public toilet u can pee, sh1t or throw jiz in!!She doesn’t use protection ever that is how she contracted herpes in the first place n got pregnant twice to be a serial baby momma.. Herpes is highly contagious but she doesn’t care n  still promiscious n sexually active..anyone that has slept with her raw now has it n should get tested. Delicia was allegedly actually diagnosed with HSV-1 (oral) n HSV-2 (genital)!!! Her close ex-friend revealed it.. This athlete whose name I can’t mention also said Delicia offered the backdoor because her cat is loose after 2 kids but he was turned off after seeing weird blisters around there.. When she has mouth blisters she’ll say it’s just a cold sore from dry lips., She started some bootleg insta-boutique which is such a joke because why would she need to do P4P trips or slide under the next athlete to squat in his house if she made a profit??? She only updates her business page once a month. Lol @janeripper @decordoninc fake businesses


Her Mug Shot

Delicia the Squatter-She met LeSean McCoy in 2016 who was the only man in history to claim this dirty thot n boy oh boy does he regret it!! Bum a$$ Delicia moved herself n her kids into his Giorgia home to live rent free. LeSean such a nice guy 2 take in kids that aren’t his!!!! She’s so pathetic that she would jump on Twitter to claim LeSean is sleeping with escorts, her own insecurity because she is one. She claimed he had a little d1ck instead of realizing its her vag that is too big for any d1ck to fit; 2 grown kids, countless clients, tons of rando sized d1cks going in n out raw, c’monnnn, its u sis!! LeSean told her to move out repeatedly but she is so used to squatting in people’s homes that she refused!! He got so uncomfortable that he stopped going to his own house n she was so shameless that she was still sleeping there while sleeping with other men!! LeSean asked for the jewelry back that he had borrowed from the jeweler to gift Delicia when they were on speaking terms but being a bum who has never owned a piece of metal, she refused all of his requests.. LeSean was forced to begin the eviction process to legally remove her after she refused to let his mom pick up his valueable items.. Delicia attempted false claims that he promised 2 marry her but she was just lying saying anything to stay in the house, when that didnt work, she cried broke once again saying she has no where to go.., The night Delicia was attacked, it was by an unknown intruder who stole all her jewelry n allegedly beat her to a bloody pulp. A week before that, she was on an escort trip in London, UK with an African but still mooching off LeSean’s home..A source says she doesn’t cook, clean or pay utilities, she just sits on her phone refreshing comments n photoshopping her pics all day to look younger n curvier to find her next athlete victim!! Allegedly, new details presenter show she set herself up to get robbed in order to ruin his career n is pretending like he set her up!! Poor LeSean McCoy’s name is tarnished as being involved in a domestic violence case when he has never laid his hand on any woman! Mind you this desperate old woman is 35 years old behaving like she is 16 having to be told to get out when the relationship was over for months.. Delicia made some serious accusations saying she is sure McCoy is the one behind the attack, then she withdrew her claims to say she is not sure., She is not to be trusted n lies a lot.

The Truth About Her Violent Attack

Delicia the P4P Mom-Recently MsDecordon flew herself n her friend Mia Michelle Boykin to Dubai n she was caught sleeping with an African fraudster @hushpuppi who is a wanted theif on the run.. this dude is a fake who was exposed for borrowing money by his own friends, his baby mama said he tries to pay child support in baby Gucci only when he can swipe stolen cards!! She was also in Mexico with a known African fugitive from the US government wanted for money laundering n its stated everywhere that anyone with his location should contact the authorities..Mia flew 2 escort in Italy n Decordon is currently in Hong Kong chasing yet another athlete while her poor kids r at home being tagged in drama about their mommy doing P4P in Dubai! She hasn’t seen her kids in almost 2 weeks, hopping city 2 city n d1ck 2 d1ck. Her son @marriexv had to lock his page out of embarrassment..She doesn’t even know the effects her social media will have on her son who is following her n watching his mom be half naked on Instagram or flying place to place switching men or escorting herself which is so obvious. Delicia has no job, her fashion line is a cover for her heauxing!!I will be reporting her for child neglect, abandonment n overall emotional abuse. Marcus Vick, it is a shame that she collects child support from u n threatens to take u to court when she has money to waste on flights to sit on rando peens just to be paid in Instagram backdrops..Real shame..She was so embarrassed after being caught with African fraudsters that she locked her page.. Was it worth it Delicia? U don’t have food poisoning in Hong Kong hun, u have general illnesses which is a symptom of the big H because u sold ur soul 4 designer goods n God gifted u this disease to carry around for ur wh0re1sh ways..a cureless disease for a careless mother.. real shame Typical insta-thot life story full of embarassing L’s

This African Scammer Added This Picture Because He is Sleeping With Delicia; she begged him to delete it so no one would know she is doing P4P with him n anyone he passes her to


Video vs Edited Picture: Delicia photoshopping her waist to look smaller & her hips bigger.. She claims to be a designer but is wearing House of CB lol

She is pretending to take this picture in Hong Kong to stunt like she is not on some budget trip but it is the same car this African scamming fraudster rented in Dubai

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  1. Y'all some HatersMay 27, 2019 at 12:50 PM

    Who cares what house she was kicked out of or what peen she had. This whole thing reeks of jealousy and obsession. She’s bad as fk and men will always want her, get over it. Lesean was trickin heavy and so will the next and the next after that. This chick is on a trip every week WITH her kids, flying business class and living large while you are writing term papers about her. Get help hater.

  2. Atl’s FinestDecember 24, 2018 at 2:33 PM

    Mia is a common atl hore she is so fake it’s ridiculous she pretends to be some rich kid but she is from the slums her bros are all criminal record holders with rap sheets longer than mia’s long jaw she photoshops her whole baby fat face so skinny, rolling with Delicia will just make her end up the same- a used up old ho bucket whose bd says she has drds and her boyfriend tries to evict her lol

  3. TheDirtyArmyDecember 16, 2018 at 12:20 PM

    A life of poverty winding up with evictions, unprotected sex winding up with two kids, a baby mama ditching her motherly duties winding up with drds, mugshots, black eyes, Dubai trips being sh1t on winding up with a troubled son who watches his mother do all this on social media and thinks it’s ok to post unregistered guns on Snapchat.. wow that’s the h0e trifecta x 3

  4. HelenDecember 9, 2018 at 8:34 PM

    Homegirl whole life sound tragic, when thotting goes wrong lmao

  5. rottenlouieDecember 7, 2018 at 3:19 PM

    If she’s got warts around her bunghole,
    don’t put it in there!

    • Buffalo Bills fanDecember 16, 2018 at 12:28 PM

      Idk bro bunghole got warts mouth got lesions vag looking like pastrami this girl needs to give up the profession already!!

  6. Rough rider on the stormDecember 6, 2018 at 4:01 PM

    if she’s got warts on her bunghole,
    don’t put it in there !

  7. CraigDecember 6, 2018 at 2:51 PM

    Apes that try to be human.. lmao

  8. InternetDecember 6, 2018 at 11:12 AM

    Her bounce back game is strong

    • Tanaya HenryDecember 16, 2018 at 12:30 PM

      By being a cum dump? Is that bouncing back or drowning further in the toilet that is her life? Lol bahahaha

  9. Green LanternDecember 6, 2018 at 7:01 AM

    Who cares.

  10. TigreDecember 5, 2018 at 8:44 PM

    Despite the life story I would dump my jizz in her regularly and often.

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