Juanita Ramos of Atlanta

Juanita Ramos of Atlanta

THE DIRTY ARMY: I would like to start off by saying Juanita is the biggest gold digger ever that does not even look that cute to begin with . I herd that she has been passing out DRDs like its not funny around Atlanta. I told Juanita that I was a legal advisor so she wouldn’t be all in my business. I met Juanita Ramos about a year ago on a drunk and dark night so I did not get a good look at her. A few days later I face time Juanita Ramos and I was in for a big surprise. She looked nothing the same without her makeup . Juanita Ramos immediately started begging me for brunch dates and I could not see myself even taking her to a gas station let alone brunch. Juanita is a bad mother of two kids and she even freelance sex for money on the side besides being a blogger. She was living at her mothers house with her two kids and no real JOB. That is not the type of woman for me and she could not take no for an answer when I told her I wasn’t going to feed her. If your a guy in Atlanta stay away from Juanita Ramos !!!!!

–Alcohol causes so much regret 


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    Hey I’m in alanta

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