Kennedy Uzomba – Crooked Crocodile – Fake Special Ops Wannabe Movie Producer Kennedy Uzomba AKA Roger K. Moore

Kennedy Uzomba – Crooked Crocodile – Fake Special Ops Wannabe Movie Producer Kennedy Uzomba AKA Roger K. Moore

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man is going around with his fake IMDB credits acting like he’s another big producer. Secretly he’s just trying to get laid!!! He’s hitting on women using his fake modeling agency to. He also acts like a high roller but deep down this psychotic doesn’t understand anything about the film industry and is trying to recruit actual people in the industry to bow to him and kiss his a55. This man has been blacklisted at all the studios at this time. He agreed to pay me to help him out and NEVER PAID ME!!! FOR MONTHS!!!!!! He has no money, and all and tries to suit people to get rich. He’s a thief, a wannabe, a pervert and has Military projects that are all completely made up and he’s trying to pass them off as real. He agreed to pay me and owes me to this day over 5,000!!! DONT FALL FOR HIS BS PROJECTS!!!!! You’ve been warned. Women stay away to!!!! He also has a Fake name. Kennedy Uzomba is his african name. He changed it to Roger K. Moore on IMDB and says he’s more important than the president.

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  1. PerrisJuly 17, 2018 at 9:18 AM

    Roger K. Moore or Kennedy Uzomba, whoever, this man is a fake, i had him checked out and out own military said he did not serve.

    He tried to rip me off for 40k

  2. OksanaJuly 16, 2018 at 11:08 AM

    This man Roger K. Moore aka Kennedy Uzomba is a fake military guy, he ripped me off for 10grand, I’m suing him for his fake project. I am also a major producer in music and this man tried to rip me off and take all my contacts. This man is a fake and he will be stopped. Don’t mind his 1000000 imdb fake credits he posted on projects that will go nowhere. HE HAS BEEN BLACKLISTED AT THE STUDIO.

  3. MicelJuly 16, 2018 at 8:27 AM

    This fake producer ken edy uzomba aka roger k moore is peddling fake projects trying to pass them as real. Do now work with him

  4. JamaalJuly 14, 2018 at 10:48 AM

    This crook tried to get me to invest. Did a lot of research. Come to find out hes a total fake and fraud. His stories are lies and hes not a us citizen!!!!!! He photoshops his credentials. Plus he doesn’t pay his employees and acts like hes a big investor. Run from him!!!!

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