Kicked out of Houston’s in ATLANTA for wearing this!!??

Kicked out of Houston’s in ATLANTA for wearing this!!??

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, my fiancé took me to Atlanta for the weekend as a getaway before we bring our first child into the world. We went to have dinner at Houston’s on Peachtree and the manager, Patsy Pettit, kicked us out because she was uncomfortable with my attire saying “families don’t want to see that.” At first I assumed it was my breasts, but once we looked around, every women had clevage. She kept looking at my baby bump and I knew it was just that! She not only try to belittle me, but she embarrassed me in front of the entire dining area.

No pregnant woman should have to feel this way especially when they are only trying to look and feel sexy during their pregnancy. This lady doesn’t deserve to be employed at this establishment. This same location was tried for a lawsuit in 2015 for discrimination. Clearly the problem wasn’t handled. Beware of this restaurant! (First pic is me in the dress that got us kicked out) (Second pic is of manager in all black) Thank you!

Why would they kick you out because you’re pregnant? That makes no sense. If anything, that helps Houston’s business because you would eat more. And your outfit is not even sexy. The honest answer is that Patsy is racist.- nik

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