Alexsandra Gutierrez — Drug Addict Mom

Alexsandra Gutierrez — Drug Addict Mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this is alexsandra Gutierrez, she lives in Austin or beeville. She’s homeless so she meets guys downtown or at strip clubs and literally begs them for help . Currently she has two warrants , no licence, no custody of her kids, under investigation by CPS and Travis county court , didn’t even finish high school, has an STD from John Regan who gives her all the drugs she asks for . She also has no job, she’s walked out on just about 5 jobs in 3 weeks. Th father of h kids is remarried, working , his wife is in college for technology and also works for a corporate operation. They have been taking care of all the kids since she was asked out 3 years ago. She hasn’t even payed the child support she owes and keeps failing random drug tests. By the way these mugshots are only a year apart. Keep a look out Austin,tx … She’s infectious .

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  1. HahahaOctober 6, 2018 at 1:33 PM

    She use to work at
    -massage envy (lasted 4 days )
    -Chipotle (lasted 2 days )
    -Bombshells (2 days )
    -P10( got fired for walking out and being too drunk)
    -Palazio (got fired for leaving with customers)
    – now sells drugs for John Regan aka atx_john