Michael Hogue: A Pillar of Society

Michael Hogue: A Pillar of Society

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michael Hogue: A Pillar of Society Hola Dirty Army. The truth will set us all free: meet Michael and Kelly. Michael and Kelly Hogue are the most cringey couple in Austin. Michael is a buck 20. His voice matches his effeminate body and so do his mannerisms. Michael is straight up nasty. He used my bathroom, took the longest dump ever, stunk up the entire place, and did not wash his hands. After bleach I could still smell his mess. To say he is braggadocios is not an understatement. Even after a brief encounter he will have you knowing he went to Vanderbilt. A degree from Vanderbilt didn’t teach this boy class. His small size renders him easily intoxicated even after a few beers. Drunk Michael is even nastier than sober Michael. He makes racist and homophobic remarks despite being politically very liberal.


I heard him refer to blacks (especially republican ones) as “mudpeople” and “nig-nogs” and homosexual blacks as “niggys.” Unfortunately, his ugliness doesn’t stop with racism. Michael used to teach 6th grade so what you are about to read is especially disturbing. One-night drunk Michael told tales of his students who he called “Lolita” and “princesses” He said kids are just “short adults” and they can ride him like a “pony.” He says young kids are “pure” and virginity is arousing. Now he wants to work with kids with mental disorders because “no one will believe their crazy asses” if they were to “rat him out.” He even cheated on his wife with an underaged p4p. Meet Kelly. Kelly is loud, obnoxious, and of a gross orange complexion. She bites her lip and won’t report her pedophile husband despite the red flags. She parties a lot and buys her friends drinks and tells self-depreciating jokes to impress them. Kelly also drinks and drives like an orange reckless idiot. They are disgusting AF and Michael needs to stay away from kids. He is the kind of guy to front like he is a pillar of society when in reality he is a degenerate POS.


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