Tawiana Simmons — sidehen #2

Tawiana Simmons — sidehen #2

THE DIRTY ARMY: dis leprechaun lookin ho alwayz wit err bdy man she was jus wit her frnd man Kev Robinson & Chris clark she cant keep a place she get evictions ever where she go she got bout 6 has a warrant n travis county dat her bum ass been runnn 4rm since 2015 she caught her bby ddy whom had a kid wit her cousin 1st cheatinnn on her n got him caught up busted wit drugs she been wit both sr managers at our job n iz called hoiana @ our job but guys b ware she was spotted at community care picking up treatment for the abcs she doesnt tail any1 she has it but hooksup wit new ppl alot .


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  1. Grammar PoliceDecember 4, 2018 at 1:00 PM

    Before you try and out someone use spell check. Ewww I bet you have gold and blonde weave.