Erika Poremski – Vivian’s Mommy- Druggie- Slore

Erika Poremski – Vivian’s Mommy- Druggie- Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: You may remember this girl, she has been posted on your site a few years back. She was chasing purple crayon, snorting pepsi and cheating on her now ex fiance while flashing her 2+s to everyone who would look her way. fast forward she almost killed her 8 month old daughter in a house when she left her alone so she could go buy drugs, now the baby is a vegetable and has been taken away from her due to her neglect and drug use. She’s spreading her legs to anyone in the Baltimore area to get her fix of heroin and word is she has some serious charges for selling the sh1t! girl is living off her daughters go fund me account and using to defraud people into believing she still has the kid! she been known to fuk and suck old dudes to get $10 bucks and trolling the streets of Baltimore hooking for a fix. Beware of this b1tch she plays a good victim card and she uses her poor daughter to gain sympathy and to get cash but she hasnt seen the child in almost year! put this gutter slore on blast and let people know what kind of evil ass bitch she is.

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  1. The wrong bitch to mess with!February 13, 2019 at 11:39 PM

    Whomever posted about erica poremski didn’t do it justice! This crack slore is FAR WORSE than anyone knows! While all that you mentioned is very well the truth, she scammed her baltinore city police officer father in to letting her move in to his townhouse in dundalk as he had moved to another residence and this bitch has been advertising to rent rooms for $125 a week and then she steals most of what they own! Sells some wears some this b1tch is a pathological lying drug addict prostitute that has added felon to her resume! Balt county needs to lock her ass up for 15yrs and the feds need to investigate that house fire! She absolutely was the catalyst in that tragedy! I know I’ll be calling child protective services and any connections I have that can keep that ball rolling! She is the American scum that makes humanity look bad!

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