You have room to talk: Jessica Shaulis

You have room to talk: Jessica Shaulis

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I seen this pepsi headed floozy blasting some one for being on here but shes the one needs to be on her she just let my best friends cousin die he od in her boyfriend house who just went to jail she was to high to save him telling everyone she tried no you didn’t you were so high you didn’t care in another man’s house who’s in jail your a catch last few boyfriends were junkies like her she’s a floozy that loves pepsi and alchohol I dont think you have any room to talk after you let your boyfriend die you just left bar with another guy wipe the powder off your nose too people can see you old ugly drunk ass is high you should of been on her your a junkie as well as the junkies you talk about this year its 6 guys I know she f*cked funny you talk about everyone else your just as bad and the she had the nerve to message to married men both women put her on Facebook ladies watch your man homewrecker and guys she will use you lie cheat or kill you please be safe around her not only are you a murderer your boyfriend is too good luck guys with this one please be safe bc she’s to high to save you her and her boyfriend are sick and now my bff cousin is dead Waldo rest in peace I’m sorry she killed you she new you guys were getting high she could off saved you when your a junkie use narcan

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  1. CharleeMay 23, 2018 at 7:58 PM

    This is the most OUTRAGEOUS HORRIBLE DISRESPECTFUL MOST NASTY DISGUSTING RIDICULOUSLY THING ANYONE COULD EVER SAY OR DO!!! ***** SHAME ON YOU****!!!! Shame shame shame!!!! James death was an unfortunate unforgettable tragedy to everyone who knew him!!! I can not BELIEVE SOMONE WOULD STOOP THIS LOW TO DISRESPECT HIS FAMILY AND HIS NAME AND HIS WOOOMMMANNNNN!!!!! Wtf!!!! Ima pray real hard tonight!!!! Don’t worry, forgiveness is a given, but God will take care of this!!! #GETATME!!!