Kenneth Rost is an Addicted Woman Beater – Beware

Kenneth Rost is an Addicted Woman Beater – Beware

THE DIRTY ARMY:  There is a Kenneth rost whom lives in Severn MD he is a very dangerous kniving individual who will destroy you at all costs . He is addicted to drugs(crack) and uses women for their money to get high . He is also a woman beater and has had domestic violence suits against him. His father paid alot of money to get him out and on probation only !!! His father Fred is well known and well affiliated with wealthy people, also involving himself in BMORE CARING and bails his son out of ALL his problems. Kenneth’s biggest and latest trend is to use social media to masterfully manipulate women out of money and when he becomes violent toward them and they threaten to involve cops, his father pays them off to leave them alone mainly to protect his son from further trouble since he has 10 years hanging over his head for being a frequent abuser of women . His profile shows a much different side to who he really is . It also does not even have current pictures of himself its all outdated so is who he portrays himself to be!!! I want this out in hopes this saves a female in his path . HE is a destroyer of lives, property and sense of security . He is an evil being and you do not want to cross paths with this monster ! He also has DRDs!!!!!!!

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  1. ShannonFebruary 5, 2019 at 9:56 PM

    He beat me almost to death. Kenny choked me numerous times.. I’m glad he’s finally sentenced for what he did to me and other women.

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