Pari Bagheri — Fat sloppy slore

Pari Bagheri — Fat sloppy slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Pari Bagheri is a fat sloppy slore. She walks around Perry Hall like her sh1t don’t stink and she’s the queen of nothing. She’s a fat slob who has nothing better to do with her time then stalk people and shove her fat face. She’s so pathetic she had to have her whole body liposuctioned and a55 done because she’s simply too lazy to do it naturally. She’s a pathetic excuse for a woman and uses every manipulative scenario to keep her man with her. She’s a sad pathetic excuse for a woman and is so disgusting that even the nastiest of men don’t want her. She’s a fat nasty slob who thinks she’s high society when she’s simply the fat scum of the earth. Everyone who even associates with her is disguaoby her and can’t stand her. Pari get a life you fat slob and stop hating on people better than you. You deserve to be shunned because no one likes your fat a55. Your a pathetic excuse for a woman and you’re simply a jealous fool. You talk sh1t and make up rumors because you’re insecure and jealous. Go eat 59 cheeseburgers you fat cow

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