Stacy Ann Kelly Lawton: The dirtiest and lowest type of woman

Stacy Ann Kelly Lawton: The dirtiest and lowest type of woman

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Stacy Ann Kelly Lawton (AKA Stacy Strong). Stacy is a personal trainer at ACAC (MAC) in Timonium and at Forze in White Marsh/Middle River. Stacy drives a four door white Jeep with the word “God” (GOD4US) in her vanity license plate. Stacy is married to Mr. Will Lawton, who is also a member of ACAC. Stacy is a “serial cheater” on her husband and has had countless affairs with other men, trainers, employees of the various gyms, clients and individuals on her various social media sites. She sells herself off as a good person, a religious woman, doing good will and someone you can trust and who will work with you to fix things in you life. She’s a fraud and a hypocrite!! Unbeknownst to others (obviously her partners are aware), Stacy routinely acts as the most despicable type of woman anyone could know. She’s married and has had countless affairs on her husband Will. She’s openly admitted to cheating on all her past boyfriends. Her husband and step-daughter have forgiven her in the past, but she elects to continue to cheat over and over on them. Not only has she affected her own immediate family, but she routinely messes with the lives of others while lying and deceiving everyone involved. Now, to give an example of how reprehensible Stacy “Strong”is and an example of her manipulation, when Stacy gets caught, she blames others, Stacy says that everyone else is crazy, they’re are stalking her and even recently alleged that I had to have drugged her or deliberately got her intoxicated so that I could take advantage of her on multiple occasions. Really?? I specifically took the time to write this because, besides being a cheater and someone who lives a life of lies, it’s the lowest of the low when someone implies, alleges or even fully makes any such statement about another. She’s a narcissistic sociopath who is a walking hypocrite and detached from reality. For the record, don’t be a dirty person in life and don’t toy with other’s lives. More importantly, own it, don’t do the ultimate despicable act and attack another’s character by saying you were deliberately drugged or gotten drunk countless times while screwing men behind the back of your own husband (who people don’t even know about). Stacy’s deliberate acts disrespect good men and good woman and discredit real woman who have, unfortunately, had such horrible acts have happened to them. If someone did such things to another, would that person write to them the next day and say how great of a time they had with them?? And also write and say how they don’t want to be considered “One and Done”? Let alone see them countless more times?? Of course not. Grow up Stacy and stop being the dirty w$*@& that you are!!!

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  1. mikeJune 18, 2018 at 3:13 AM


  2. Gym eating ratJune 17, 2018 at 3:55 PM

    I think she’s a fitness trainer at AcAc. 18 years of experience.

  3. TigreJune 17, 2018 at 2:09 PM

    Stacy must be pretty special because the OP is madly in love with her.