College Excel in Bend Oregon is a scam

College Excel in Bend Oregon is a scam

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, my parents sent my little brother who was having a hard time with school to College Excel to help with his studies, and what a mistake that was. My brother was a B- student who got accepted to colleges, but my parents believed he could do better and College Excel made some crazy promises over the phone, so they sent him.

First off, they had him living in a halfway house with three roommates, one just got out of prison for rape, another was a meth head and the other just snorted white powder and drank all the time. His roomates would steal from hicks in the neighborhood just to feed their addictions. There were very few girls in the program and all of them were gross and weird. My brother got addicted to drugs at College Excel and died of an overdose a month after he came home.

The staff there were useless and just handed out small allowances which couldn’t even cover weekly food expenses, but they’re more than happy to take huge amounts of money from all the parents for tuition. Nik, please post this to warn other parents so this scam can get shut down.

To be honest- I’m kind of upset with your parents. Sounds like this is their fault.- nik