Vrndavana Hines — played victim homeless kid for fame

Vrndavana Hines — played victim homeless kid for fame

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, V or Vrndavana Hines, went onto Youth Radio to talk about his life as a homeless kid. Well his own mother and brothers and people who knew him would say this is false. V treated his mom who has a disability terribly and physically fought with his family. He also had several places to stay when he got “kicked out” (which was only during the span of around 2 years, so he didn’t “grow up” homeless) and he chose to stay on the streets instead. He preferred it outside.

I’d also like to note that like most children growing up in Ukiah, he had a serious drug problem and abused Meth, which is probably why he wouldn’t stay anywhere because he would be forced to give it up. I just am putting the truth out there so everyone knows. Don’t trust this boy. He has manipulated many people and situations so that they may turn out best for him. It is unfortunate because there are people who actually go through horrific things everyday. ** see photo above of him admitting he lied and is happy about it**

It’s sad the things people do these days for (love) attention.- nik


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