Amber Walford — Biggest Sloot in the 902

Amber Walford — Biggest Sloot in the 902

THE DIRTY ARMY: This sloot right here is about the dirtiest bitch ever to hit the Dirty, this ratchet slore makes the dirt look clean. Sleeps with multiple men and try’s to be a home wrecking little slore. She has 7 kids all whom are in care because she couldn’t stop putting a needle in her arms, with the help of her POS baby daddy. As you can see from the photos, this dirty a55 slore never will post a smiling picture…..why? Because all her teeth are rotted right out of her mouth, and she’s only in her early 20s. Has kids by 3 different men while stringing along one of the baby daddy’s making him believe they are all his kids. She was caught fuking the next door neighbors man, and the baby daddy like a bitch still let’s her live with him. This is by far one of the dirtiest slores to ever hit the Dirty!!!

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