Michael Shields Jr — Crazy Narcissictic Scam Artist

Michael Shields Jr — Crazy Narcissictic Scam Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Michael Shields, He is the biggest narcissit, he makes up his entire life, he tells women lies that he works for snapchat, or hes a CEO or him and his family come from money which are all lies. This guy is a bum who lives off of different women and victimizes them with his abuse he is always in and out of jail for his scamming. He has horrible credit and uses women for their money and credit because he is too lazy and entitled to work but claims he is loaded. He has slept with over 100 women and he doesn’t use protection with any of them. He tries to get every woman he sleeps with pregnant on purpose in order to use them. He has multiple children who he doesn’t see or help with he is a giant deadbeat. He is a diagnosed narcissist, manipulator and a pathological liar, he has severe mental issues and he cheats on every woman he is with. Love bombs every girl he meets very quickly and every girl he talks to is his “soulmate” don’t believe his lies he is incapable of love he doesn’t even love his own children!!! This guy is absolute trash, ladies STAY AWAY FROM HIM. He will ruin your life!


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  1. KayApril 27, 2019 at 11:39 PM

    This guy is crazy… he told me he owned an apartment building and that he would let me stay at the apartment for free. Then he said we should just move in together. He took me on a bunch of dates, slept together, and offered to give me money. Turns out the entire time he had another girlfriend he was living with but claimed they were broken up. This man is disgusting.

  2. LmaoMarch 21, 2019 at 7:13 PM

    He’s been trying to get with me for 2 years. Right off the bat saying he wants to get me pregnant and move in together with this extravagant life. He is a disgusting human being. Sleeps with tons of women with no protection to trap them. Do not fall for it!!

  3. OmgDecember 30, 2018 at 7:47 PM

    I met this guy on bumble a few weeks ago and he kept asking to take me out on date. He said he was a CEO and he had his own business I thought there was something off with him I’m glad I googled this guy what a psycho…

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