Emily Carlstrom — Dirty Train Wreck

Emily Carlstrom — Dirty Train Wreck

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Emily Carlstrom and she has issues with putting others in front of her well being , she does it so much she forgets to take time for personal hygiene and to clean up , she expects everyone to be her servent and to do her laundry and clean up after she destroys , Emily carlstrom is a dirty hog fuking mess that presents herself to be well put together BUT under all that makeup is a destroyed dauaghter and even worse of a person when it comes to self accountability and not blaming everyone else for her lack of adult judgements , shes a gaslighter and a narcissist wicken that truly thinks shes a witch that can cast spells and take lives


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  1. TruthtellerMarch 28, 2019 at 12:55 PM

    This is Epic considering this picture is at ur house ryan martin ur such a puke cant handle being a maan so u trash the only one thing good u had going for u. U dont deserve her or the air u breathe.

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