Olyvia Rose Fenton — Liv Rose

Olyvia Rose Fenton — Liv Rose

THE DIRTY ARMY: She recently told a guy who’s had issues with depression all his life – to go suicide and finish the job. She’s insane and toxic to the point that shes willing to tell a person to go suicide. She’s a known cheater who cheated on a guy named Justin Lizza. She then dated her new boyfriend for half a year only to break up with him to leave him for another relationship she jumped into a week and a half after her breakup,making it ABUNDANTLY clear that she cheated twice on two different people. She is now in that said relationship with weeb guy who’s already head over heels for her in a span of two weeks,his name is Dillon Capps. He is clearly desperate to keep her, due to her manipulation. She is a pathetic excuse of a human being who tells people they should suicide. This girl in no means should be hired or employed by any means. We need to prevent phsycopaths who excuse their behaviour and use people for their own benefits. Her full name is Olyvia Rose Fenton. She streams on a platform from time to time. But mostly spends her time looking at Gore or sending nudes to another guy while she is in a relationship. Shes a MENTALLY DISTURBED individual.


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  1. PenisboiSeptember 28, 2018 at 8:55 PM

    Hey show pu55y and tits