Disgusting Child Molester Tyler Prosser

Disgusting Child Molester Tyler Prosser

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey Nik… this man is 31 years old. Uses underage girls to his advantage. He feed his victims drugs and alcohol to get laid. This guy is a creep and he loves check out underage girls. This guy rapped a girl who was 11 years old at the time till she was 14 years old and took advantage of her every chance he could be alone with her and had a sexual relationship with her and made her watch porn with him and forced her to do the same things in the porn while he made her watch with him.

He is a huge pot head and offers it to minors. he tried to rapped two other underage girls he gave alcohol to in his house at the time it happened. This guy is a monster he ruined a young innocent girl’s life took her virginity and force himself on to her and other underage girls. Who knows how many times he has done this to underage girls this guy should be locked up in jail. Warning to anyone with underage girls keep them away from this creepy ugly ass child fucker. Nik Put this ugly ass child rapist on blast!!! He needs to be known for his disgusting habits and choices he’s made for himself.

Why is he not in jail?- nik


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