Kelly Schuchhardt – Avoid this skank at all costs!!!

Kelly Schuchhardt – Avoid this skank at all costs!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you ever come across this female run the other way! She’s Married with two kids and has DRD’s when’s she’s not lying to your face about her divorced husband who’s she’s been married to for over 11 years she’s behind your back fuking every guy in sight unprotected. She loves to make you feel sorry for her and always plays the victim. Constantly running from her manic obsession with sex with multiple partners. Frankly if she just wanted a side piece, I wouldn’t even be here making this post. but, she’ll try and convince you that she wants something serious only to waste your time fuking some guy in a completely different state. I was smart enough to dodge the bullet and I’m hoping you will too.

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  1. ThanosJuly 14, 2018 at 10:18 AM

    She’ll tell you you’re special and she wants to spend the rest of her life with you, and then goes home and blows the husband that’s supposedly just a roommate. Leaves her preteen kids (10 and 6) home alone to go out with guys she doesn’t even know.

    LPT: if she tells you someone just attacked her, she just got done with another guy. She’ll say someone (husband, boyfriend) was abusive to her and when you want to talk about it, she’ll pretend that she needs time alone cause she’s upset, when the reality is she hasn’t had enough time to work out the details of her story…

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