Alexanadra Stephanos of Chicago

Alexanadra Stephanos of Chicago

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Where to begin??? This girl loves attention. Especially from any man. It doesn’t matter who. It could be from a previous ex she’s trying to rekindle or one of many of her sugar daddies. If it’s not sex it’s money. She P4P’s all over the country and doesn’t even use condoms.

She tells guys to marry her the second they start dating. Oh Lord…she’s out of control. She’ll talk behind your back to her old friends she doesn’t even hang out with just to feel the need of comfort. She can’t stand being alone. She plays the victim card all too well and even has her own family fooled. She’s even lied about working in the salon business the whole time. Don’t let this one trick you.

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  1. TigreApril 3, 2018 at 3:13 PM

    If she comes to Arizona I wouldn’t mind playing with her.

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