Chicago Beware of Loco Looni Toon — Tiffany Wilma Jimenez

Chicago Beware of Loco Looni Toon — Tiffany Wilma Jimenez

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hey so here is the deal… I met this chica Tiffany Wilma Jimenez at The Little Redhead bar in Chicago. We got buzzed. She shared VERY long conversations about how her ex who broke up with her on the job and left her for a white girl and blah blah… We went to my spread had a little green and some EXTRA fun time.

Then she like wakes up about 3 in the morning and she just flipped out, bro! Like she started screaming about fentanall Gucci man and other random stuff about my weed and banging her head on my head board. Then she runs out of my place down the street completely naked got in her car and sped off plus my neighbor called the police. Yo I was so embarrassed. She comes back later in the day and then tries to get her clothes and wallet but yo I trash that s*** This girl is looney bro… Homies be careful of this one.

Honestly, I’ve never met a normal Jimenez. Everyone with that last name is cursed.- nik

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