STAY AWAY — Daniel Lucca

STAY AWAY — Daniel Lucca

THE DIRTY ARMY: 50k Millionaire on the hunt! 39 years old, owns his own wine importing business, uses photos from 10 years ago but pretends he’s wealthy and can offer the WORLD. HE LIVES AT HOME WITH HIS PARENTS in Lake Forest…He pretends it is his house in the winter when they is in Florida. His ex girlfriend contacted me t(one of 19 women./some very young girls he paid for services or attention) to let me know she has Lyme disease and it can be sexually transmitted (he did not let me know that). When he called and asked me if she had contacted me I told him no and he said is that he fuked his ex-gf up so bad that he offered her a ‘palimony’ agreement. He told her that it was so she can relax, get medical treatment, and get her life back together, but told me he thought he could pay her to ‘shut up ‘ and ‘not tell people about’ him. LADIES- All you need to do to get money from this wanna be sugar daddy is give me attention through text, half nude pics wlil do.. $500 a pop! Get what you can and stay FAR AWAY. PS- THIS IS NOT WHAT HE CURRENTLY LOOKS LIKE but he uses these photos on apps/websites.

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  1. DuhNovember 19, 2018 at 1:22 PM

    Lyme is NOT transferable via sex. Dude sounds like a total chump with a bunch of spineless excuses, believe. Understand the info tho – he’s an obvi liar and used someone’s illness for big lame excuses. Very painful autoimmune disorder, which makes it worse to be lied on…by both of them. Or they’re both stupid.

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