Daniella Hedger — Binge drinking -weed-pizza bad combo

Daniella Hedger — Binge drinking -weed-pizza bad combo

THE DIRTY ARMY: We haven’t heard much from this ho since she stopped fuking Johnny the Arab for gifts and rent money. Now we see why. Bitch gained 100lbs! That didn’t stop a few of us seeing this bustdown at Lacey’s with older dudes while newlywed hubby is working. She claimed to be a rn in Christ, turns out 6 years at moraine and now 2 years in northwestern still can’t teach this porker how to get a job. Who takes 8yrs full time to complete a two year course? What a downfall – from fighting wives to fighting diabetes. Maybe now you feel bad for Johnnys wife and kids? For how you let an old Arab finger fuk you in your parking lot while your husband was out trying to feed your hungry hippo looking a55?


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  1. LouislaneApril 24, 2019 at 6:54 AM

    I can vouch for the entire gnida family that we are terrified that he did this courthouse wedding. We will not allow there to be a church wedding. She can’t have kids so we at least know he won’t stay with her because he wants children. He actually knows we have a great girl (family friends daughter) waiting when he’s ready for a real woman.Daniella is white trash and she will be nothing more than a fat Newport smoking pig. You are definitely the reason why he’s not as close to his family as he was

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