David Drews: Felon, Cheater, What’s Next?

David Drews: Felon, Cheater, What’s Next?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, David Drews has undoubtedly cheated on every single girl he has ever been with. David has low self-esteem, stemming from being caught selling drugs and his Level H felon status. David is from Verona, Wisconsin and currently lives in Chicago, IL.

David was with me for 6 months when I found out he had slept with his ex. David told me it had only happened once. The night I found out he cheated was the day before I had to have an abortion. We were at his sister’s house and we got into a fight about him talking to his ex and he told me to leave. I drove 3 hours home at 1AM that morning. He told me he would come back still and go through the process with me. But that day he never came home. He had slept in and I was going to go alone.

Great submission- please keep reading.- nik

Well, I accidentally forgot my ID and couldn’t go through the procedure that day. I told him I didn’t go through with it and he told me I was an idiot for forgetting my ID. He told me he wouldn’t come back to help me unless he knew for sure I was pregnant. He made me pee on a stick and send it to him in video. It was a really demeaning experience. Come to find out he was with his ex that day and they slept together.

He told me also that day that anyone would be crazy to let me have a child and that if I did decide to keep it, he would take it away from me. He ended up coming back to be there for the procedure and he told me he missed me. He weaseled his way back into my life and swore that he realized what he had done was wrong and that we were meant to be together. A couple weeks ago David left for a family vacation. He told me he would be blowing up my phone with calls and texts. Well, I hardly heard from him and he forgot my birthday.

One night I did get to talk to him for a couple minutes on the phone I was crying from missing him and his sister yelled, “Get off the phone, you’re on vacation.” I immediately wanted to call is quits and I messaged his ex because I knew there was something he wasn’t telling me. He had told me before that his family wanted him to be with his ex and that his family didn’t take me seriously. I was a joke to everyone and it hurt what I felt like talking on the phone was too much to ask for. I asked his ex what he was lying about and she responded with, “Why do you call him every day if you think he’s lying.” I knew immediately that something was going on. Why did she know that I called him but didn’t know we were back together?

I found out he has been still talking to her. He told her that he just needed to figure out his “sh*t” before they could be together forever. He told her that I was just convenient for him, and that he was using me for sex and a place to stay. She has no idea that we were still together. He saw her a couple times last month and slept with her both times, even a weekend before we went and visited my family. When we confronted him about it, he couldn’t admit that he was playing us both. He was telling me that they would never be together and that he was using her, while he was telling her that I was crazy and they were meant to be. He would call her on the phone and tell her he was coming back to Chicago to end things with me so they could be together. Then, he would call me and tell her that he told her he didn’t want to be with her. He told me when we broke up for a couple weeks that he only say her once. Come to find out, they hung out a lot, and were talking about moving to Colorado together.

Now, he is coming back to Chicago to talk with me and figure things out. But I don’t know what he could possibly say that would make me want him. He told her he is going to talk to me and then talk to her. My guess is he is going to still try and have two girlfriends. Not gonna happen. Also, David is a horrible alcoholic at the age of 22. So sad.


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  1. NotAVictimSeptember 26, 2017 at 7:43 PM

    This is David F. Drews, the same guy who wouldn’t let me cook the way I wanted, thought I was cheating every time I shaved, left me in the hospital alone and moved back to Wisconsin with his ex that night, who wouldn’t let me hang out with my friends, who repeatedly was caught on tinder, never paid me for rent money, mooches off me, made me drive him everywhere, and exploded if I didn’t send him pictures of where I was at.

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