IAN MINTON the Predator

IAN MINTON the Predator

THE DIRTY ARMY: I A N M I N T O N If you happen to know of this vile human being let me guess of what you may look or be like. You are attractive, blond, over 40 and very successful. He preys on powerful, self made women that can finance his lifestyle so that he can attach himself to. ~He is a despicable pig with the utmost worse personal hygiene. He latches on to his victims almost immediately, telling them what he thinks they might want to hear, while still married and living at home with his wife in Hinsdale. His wife went through cancer treatments while he went around town telling women who would listen that him and his wife haven’t slept together in years. LIES! Poor woman was undergoing chemo while he couldn’t be bothered with it all. ~ He is in tremendous debt and goes from job to job. He abuses his girlfriends and threatens to expose intimate things about them as he prefers them married and in need of attention. He is vapid, emotionally bankrupt, an empty shell and an all around nasty excuse of a man. He has no friends but instead prefers the company of well to do, hand picked female friends. He’s a freeloader and roams in circles rich with such type of ladies. He is from Indiana, of nice physic and stands at 6’4″. If you see this man, or hear of this man’s name being spoken by a friend, you have been warned. Add your own stories to this. Will try and add a picture soon. IAN MINTON. Who in Chicago has not already slept with this PIG. A user. A liar. An opportunist that is financially broke and is looking for other peoples money to bail him and his two young boys out of poverty. Stay away. Share his name. Run him out of town.


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  1. AthenaisFebruary 7, 2019 at 1:42 PM

    Please don’t publish the comment I made about Ian Minton it’s all true but I don’t want a problem with him it puts me in danger !
    Thank you

  2. AthenaisFebruary 6, 2019 at 7:56 PM

    This man is a misogynist who is sadistic and wants to find a wealthy woman to support his lazy and hedonistic lifestyle. He is a liar , has a criminal record is deeply in debt . A true desperado and it’s sad because if he would stop looking for wealthy women all day on social media and actually go to work and not just post pictures of himself and his two sons he might be able to actually do something of value with his life . I think every woman on the Gold Coast already knows run dont walk if and when he inbox messsges you and tells you all you need is love A bigger liar and cheat has never lived . Ladies beware and realize if it seems like he really is sincere it’s an act this guy is probably drd as he is constantly on the prowl a true predatory beast .

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