Jeffrey Delaquila — Is A Two-Timing, Cheating, Lying, Narcissistic Piece Of Garbage Sociopath FREAK!

Jeffrey Delaquila — Is A Two-Timing, Cheating, Lying, Narcissistic Piece Of Garbage Sociopath FREAK!

THE DIRTY ARMY: So there’s already another account on here for him, if you do a search. Mine is brand new! maybe i would have thought twice before i willingly started dating him, 2.5 years ago. the older page shows how he was drug using, maniacal drunk. he has since cleaned up his act, but the a55hole d1ckhead in him is something he can’t erase, i guess. when i first met him, he was charming, loving, romantic, sweet, caring, attentive…all the things any girl would want. i often wondered why someone this great wouldn’t have been grabbed and kept by someone years earlier. now i know why. i totally fell head over heels in love with him, and grew to love his now 10 year old daughter. After about 1.5 years, he became angry & depressed all the time. he told me he didn’t love me anymore, if it was even love to begin with, that maybe he was “just fooling himself”. he would verbally abuse me and anyone in his parent’s house (yes, he is now 42 as of 2018, and STILL leaching off his parents!) even when his daughter was around. he did it in front of his sister and her family, too. nothing was ever his fault, the whole world was out to get him. at the end of our relationship, he became very distant but still acted like a dutiful BF. he stopped wanting to have sex as much as we used to, and then towards the end of the relationship, i found out he was courting another girl… about a 10 min drive down the street from me!! i had begged him to just not talk to other girls until things were officially over between us, because they weren’t yet. little did i know, he had been emailing, contacting, and meeting up with girls basically since we met. (i actually found some nasty text messages when i looked at his phone, and he tried to explain those away. i was ready to walk out the door and never look back, but he stopped me and asked for another chance, cuz he realized that he couldn’t live without me in his life, he WAS i love with me, blah blah blah.) i did some more research, and found out that he had been searching for girls on a dating website (where we met, and he had told me he took it down since he found me, the love of his life. well, he never did.). He had been contacting girls the entire time throughout our relationship! about 3 months into our happy relationship, he had emailed a girl he used to fuk before me, and she knew that he had a serious gf, but they still had a whole convo about how “AMAZING the sex was, oh they’re so horny for each other, come on over and ravage me, i miss you sooo much, etc.”…. so while he was telling me he was smitten with me, falling for me so hard that it’s so scary….can’t stop thinking about me, when he sees women walk by at work, he doesn’t see them, he sees me. aw, how romantic! i confronted him and he denied denied denied, all of it! a hidden Facebook profile just chock full of strange girls that “liked” a bunch of pictures he had posted, photos taken in front of my house, in my house, in my backyard during our “family” bbq, hanging off a jungle gym at a park i took his daughter to, about 30 of the 40 pics had to do somehow with me, if not a picture i took or anything listed above, also pictures that he had taken to send to me alone. and there were recent pics, only a week old, that i had taken, that he had posted. that’s how i figured out who he was sweet-talking and eventually cheated on me with. after i dumped him, he started bugging me and calling me, realized “how much he loved me”, we could make it work, blah blah blah. i knew i wouldn’t date him again, but figured i’d at least keep hanging out for 2 reasons: to still see his daughter, and to still fill my weekends, since that is when we alway hung out. months earlier, he had already been sh1tty about weekends, our only time together, saying he wanted to start seeing his buddies instead of me. WOW! oh, did i mention that he used his friend jason to tell me he was going to see him, while his daughter and i baked him brownies at my house? yeah, i found out from a friend who saw them at superdawg, that he was with this girl that he later ended up cheating on me with. (well i’m positive he did something physical with her that night, as well. but not sex most likely). big lie, he said it wasn’t a lie, he just didn’t tell me. SAME THING, LOSER! anyway, to sum up my boring story….he has a nasty temper which involved throwing things….luckily the most physical he got with me was to push my shoulders back and tell me to stop slouching cuz it was unattractive. (i wasn’t slouching). he tried to change everything he could about me, maybe in an effort to still want to be with me. things about me that he had No Problem accepting when we first started hanging out as friends. He said nasty things to me all the time, acted very distant, and of course i found out that he was searching for other girls and most likely writing them, the whole time we were dating…when he said he wanted to marry me and have a child together. he kept bothering me for about a month after i dumped him, wanted me to go with on a road trip, kept saying he missed me, calling me and texting me…. after a few weeks of this sweet talk, he turned back into his angry, verbally abusive persona. so i ignored his messages, then he started texting me all sweet again, trying to guilt me into talking to him….. talking about love and families, he wants us to do stuff together, he wants to talk to me, he’s sorry he always takes it out on me… i still wasn’t writing him, and finally did write him and i figured out he was out with ANOTHER girl, and he stayed overnight and fuked her, too. only my business because while we were indeed broken up, he was still pursuing me. he will fuck anything with a hole, he will act suave and smooth, friendly, charm you into thinking he’s a great guy. he’s a narcissistic prick who constantly has a new supply of girls at his disposal. constantly looking up hundreds of girls online, hoping to get at least one to respond back. he has a driving permit for work only, but he abuses this privilege all the time, driving during times he’s not permitted to drive, and to places other than work…even as far as KY. when he switched jobs, he lost his old permit in order to apply for the new permit. so he’s driving even more right now, with no permit at all (as of the date this is posted) he had lost his license due to some DUI’s back before i met him. he also told me , when we first met, about how he went to jail for domestic battery…..also “not his fault”. it was his fault, actually (and turned out to be twice, not once). he was drunk or drugged up all the time, an asshole to everyone, and he did all of this in front of his little daughter. but he still deems himself a “good dad”. hopefully i can stay in her life and be a good influence on her. we’ll see. DO NOT talk to this motherfucker! he will lie straight to your face and make anything sound convincing. he can tell you that the sky is green, and you will walk away believing it. ladies, all he wants to do is boost his ego with your attention, bed you for a quick fuck, and string you along as long as he can. and, you’d think with all the girls he’s fucked over the last 20 years (it’s a lot) that he’d be stupendous in bed. well, he was pretty good but not great, and i think most of that was because i felt a connection to him and that was the sexiest thing to me. not to him, apparently. and his dick went numb and limp all the time. girls, you can find a better lay. JEFFREY DELAQUILA IS A NARCISSISTIC PIECE OF SHIT! he perfectly defines a narcissist, a sociopath, and a jeckyl & hyde monster. research it…the gaslighting; lying about even the tiniest things; hot temper that turns verbally abusive, in the blink of an eye; the putting down of those who love him; ridiculing (always my tattoos), his lack of any real emotions or empathy…it is all fake, even the tears; blaming everyone else except himself for anything that goes wrong or isn’t the way he likes it; telling ppl they’re crazy to try & control them….. he was always telling me i’d look cute with short hair, and no bangs, just longer bangs swept to the side. he didn’t seem to have a problem with my hair when we met! then he started trying to control how i looked. and he started changing his own fashion to suit my taste, wore his facial hair the way i thought it looked sexy, wore the cologne i liked (and yes, he did this all on his own. unlike him, i didn’t try to change him one bit. anyway…doing those things i just listed, that’s called “mirroring”..also a classic narc trait.. so now he looks super sexy and suave (well i don’t think so anymore), and he is NOT. he will break your heart ladies, and waste years of your life if you let him. DON’T LET HIM FOOL YOU!! he is an overgrown man child who will ruin your life and your heart. run far, far away! i wish i had. ps….some of these pics are the new pics he put up on his dating profile, which he still swears is deactivated. these are pics that he took to send to me, pics of lovely dates we went on, and one of him wearing a stupid vest that i spent 2 hours sewing stupid patches on, plus the shoes i bought him for his bday are in the background. aw, doesn’t he look like such a sweet, sexy guy? well, he’s NOT.

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  1. NgsR621October 8, 2018 at 11:04 PM

    Omg, Jeff the Nose. You could ski off that thing. This guy is a real piece of human garbage. He is well known in the Streamhood and Hangover Park areas. He is a thief, compulsive liar, junkie, rat (yes he rolled over on his own friends) and a creepy stalker.

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