Lemarc Johnson is worse than Harvey Weinstein

Lemarc Johnson is worse than Harvey Weinstein

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Lemarc Johnson is serial woman abuser, creep, and terrible human being. He roofied a friend of mine at a party and proceeded to sexually assault her. When confronted about the incident he said “the dumb b*tch deserved it and I was doing her a favor.” What kind of f’ed up individual does/says something like that. I encouraged her to report the crime, but she opted for therapy and ‘turning the other cheek.’ Lemarc is the biggest piece of sh*t alive. What he did to my friend shattered her confidence and ruined her life. She had to dropped out of school due to depression. He often finds his victims on Facebook and I heard other stories with the same routine.

1) Claims to be friends with Chicago rapper.

2) Claims there is a afterparty with celebs.

3) Bait and switch + Roofy.

This POS needs to be exposed. Although making a modest salary at Laughlin Constable, he likes to flaunt and promises girls exotic dates and nice dinners. He is a fraud and a creep. Ladies avoid this asshat. On the flipside, he also likes men, so boys you aren’t safe just for having a Greg.

I will pray for your girl friend.- nik


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  1. FourwheelJanuary 30, 2018 at 2:10 PM

    Which one is lemarc?